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Naish Sol 134 (2008)

The Sol offers the latest and greatest in performance and easy control. If you liked the '07 Sol, you are going to be right at home with the '08 model. The 'infinite' outline has been refined to keep the huge sweet spot the Sol has become known for, but Naish have created a shorter, more freestyle-friendly length. The exceptionally durable solid wood core that made its debut in 2007 has been refined for this year. The thickness taper of the wood core has been refined for lighter wind in conjunction with a reengineered lamination to achieve a higher-performance flex. The smooth and easy feel of the 2008 Sol works for any conditions, creating true all-terrain performance.

NEAL: As on the Thorn, the pads and straps are excellent and it's a great looking product.
CHRIS: The rounded outline and tips make this comfortable and smooth through the water and you don't get water splashing up in your face all day. It worked well, but doesn't like going too fast. It's a cruiser and is a bit too soft for ballistic riding.
NEAL: It's very smooth but like I always say if this kiteboard was a bit wider it would be really nice. It's got a very flat rocker and goes upwind very well but seems to trip a bit through the chop. Just wants to be bigger I think, and in this size its narrowness takes away some of its popping potential.
CHRIS: It's comfortable, slides to toe-side really well and it does pop. Only thing that let it down was its softness at speed. It's a safe intermediate's board that's more than capable for their needs, but just played up a bit when pushed.
NEAL: Yeah, in this size I'd say it's a comfortable lightweight intermediate rider or girl's board.

Cruisy, good looking kiteboard that would really suit an intermediate rider looking to carve around the ocean in comfort. Average to heavier riders should look to the bigger sizes.

Fantastic fixtures and fittings and smooth carving.

The softness. Most would want to stiffen her up a bit in this size.

128 x 37.5, 131 x 38.5, 134 x 39.5, 137 x 40.5 and 140 x 41.5cm.
Naish Sol 134 Kite Board

This test is inissue #34

Naish Sol 134 Kite Board
Naish Sol 134 Kite Board
Naish Sol 134 Kite Board
Naish Sol 134 Kite Board
Naish Sol 134 Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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