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Naish Side-Shore 5' 10" (2007)

Solid performer that most people could adjust to. As it is the side-shore model and possibly lacks a little bit of float, it would be interesting to see how the onshore model coped with the more frequent conditions we get here in the UK that it's designed for.
The side-shore kiteboards are three new shapes added to the Naish wave range, alongside three onshore shapes, for 2007. The SS's are developed to excel at faster speeds, in bigger waves and stronger wind. Because of power that can be generated by the kite, the SS is great choice for any wave condition where you want super-solid, reliable performance.
ANDY: I found the straps were a little too far back on this, maybe because we weren't massively powered. Also there's lots of rocker which doesn't help it get going in the light wind.
STEPH: There isn't much volume either, which is why I think it's more suited to me. Feels really comfortable toe-side because it's a bit smaller. Those foot straps are so easy to change and really comfortable.
RICHARD: You can feel this is more for down-the-line conditions. It's narrower than some of the others and there's plenty of rocker. It's definitely not a lightwind board and needs more power, but it holds well and doesn't bounce. I think it would handle a variety of conditions as long as you are powered by either the kite or the wave. Again, moving the back foot strap has a lot of effect on the board's character in different conditions.
ANDY: When it's powered it has a really nice turn - really tight. Good solid construction and looks good, too.
STEPH: Good all-rounder, but needs a bit of experience. Other kiteboards are a bit more forgiving, but maybe not as electric in feel when you can ride them right.
4' 10" x 15 5/8"
5' 4" x 16 1/12"
5' 10" x 17 1/4"
5' 2" x 16 3/4"
5' 5" xc17 7/8"
5' 5'x20"
Naish Side Shore

This test is inissue #25

Naish Side Shore
Naish Side-Shore 5' 10

Added: 2007-05-31

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