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Naish Helix 9m (2008)

The 2008 Helix defines the natural evolution of using technologies to adapt to the large depower range required in modern kites. If you are looking for one kite to work in the widest range of conditions, look no further than the Helix. The static canopy tension provided by Geo-Tech results in a super clean and defined profile that supplies solid response through the entire depower range, and results in a kite with the widest wind range of anything on the market. The Sigma outline provides two significant advantages: first it changes the centre of effort so that this point doesn't change in the depower range, and secondly Sigma allows the kite's wing-tip to twist in a manner that initiates lightening quick turning. Stability, wind range, precise handling, light and linear bar pressure and unbelievably easy relaunch ? you will never look at kiteboarding the same again!
The evolution of wierd and wonderful kite shapes continues! The Helix is the high aspect style kite in Naish's new Sigma range. The wind was a little light for the nine metre that we tested, but the Helix still had sufficient power to throw some fairly big airs and stay upwind. Looks solid in the sky and very stable; just sits there even when you let the bar right out for full depower and no fluttering in the canopy. The tracking and speed the kite gives you across the water is very noticeable and even in these lighter winds there was lots of potential pop coming through the bar. Looking forward to trying in a wider range of conditions.
5, 7, 9, 12, 14 and 16m
Naish Helix


Naish Helix

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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