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Naish Boxer 9m (2007)

For 2007, the Boxer has taken on a supported leading edge and has been engineered to master most styles of riding, including freeriding, jumping, freestyle, wave riding, and just simply having fun. Even though it is still a kite that first timers will never outgrow, its performance now matches some of the most technically advanced kites on the market. The medium aspect profile provides incredible stability and predictability, making it extremely easy to fly and water launch regardless of the conditions. The new adjustable bridle attachment points also provide light steering and positive response, so the kite feels comfortable in waves, flat water, chop, or gusty wind conditions. With its new all-terrain capabilities, innovative design, and stateof- the-art control system, the Boxer SLE is destined to become a true classic.

This is the only kite where you can choose to use pulleys on the bar for a 2:1 set-up or attach the lines direct from the ends of the bar to the kite for a 1:1 setup. I'm really impressed with the Naish bars this year, this is another work of art and the kite is very well built.
GEORGE: It's a great idea to be able to choose to go with the pulleys or not. With the pulleys the depower improves and the steering slows, which is very good for beginners or early intermediates. Changing to 1:1 sacrifices a bit of depower - although I still found there to be more than enough - but vastly speeds up the steering.
NEAL: Without the pulleys I really enjoyed the feeling on this bar, it really was very comfortable and the kite was stable unhooked, too. It turned really nicely with minimal bar pressure - I almost felt like I needed more feedback from the bar, although the wind was quite light when I got on it, but in the light wind I got going well.
GEORGE: I was confident enough to try handle-passes on this as it has a very forgiving loop. Not the first choice for Lenten-style monster loops, but for the 'regular world' rider, it won't punish them at all. Hang-time's OK, not the best, but I think with some tuning you'd squeeze a few more feet out of her. It's nice.
WILL: It's a slick bit of kit, everything's tucked away and the depower's easy to reach and use.
SHINN: A good kite for intermediates, but not advanced. I found it a little too slow to moving around a lot for wave riding, though.

If Naish mean by 'all terrain' that this kite will work in a number of different conditions quite happily in the hands of all but the most advanced, then we'd agree.

6, 7.5, 9, 12 and 15m

Naish - Boxer


This test is in issue #26

Naish - Boxer
Naish - Boxer
Naish - Boxer
Naish - Boxer

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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