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Naish Alliance 12m (2008)

The design of the 2008 Alliance targets riders who prefer a 5-line kite with the range and depower comparable to that of an SLE. The inspiration behind the 2008 Alliance originates from Naish's Torch kite, with a flatter arc for a better low end; it utilizes Geo-Tech and Sigma technologies to provide friendly all-terrain performance and improved depower capabilities. Unhooked riding, freestyle, kiteloops, cruising, wind range, and easy handling all benefit from the perfect blend of the technical features and advantages of Geo- Tech and Sigma. No pulleys and the benefits of the 5-line Shift System... equal the 2008 Alliance.

JAMES: It's really good build quality and the shape is cool, although I know that's not a reason to buy a kite, but you do feel a bit like Batman on the water! The bar feels great in your hands and there are a lot options on the set-up. If you're a beginner that could be overwhelming, but it's a performance kite, so you should set your kite up just how you want it
CHRIS: I expected it to perform like a bow but it flies like a hybrid. No bridles, and it's fast with very good range and a great feeling through bar. If anything, I reckon it lacks a bit of low-end power, but it turns a lot like my Torches.
JAMES: It is quite high aspect and it flies that way, too. Very fast and responsive though and flies right to the edge of the window. OK power for a 12 metre.
CHRIS: I think it flies really well unhooked with no stalling and a solid pull. It goes upwind very well, you're right, the bar is spotless and comfortable with good depower on the chicken-loop.
JAMES: Overall I think it is an exciting kite to fly, and it always seems to be wanting to do something. Definitely for someone that wants to go out and rip, but have really good depower too. A really good fun kite in high winds. Really fast, so you'll have to keep half an eye on it!

The follow up to the Helix is very satisfactory for the performance kiter. It's well equipped to deal with what most can throw at it and it has a huge wind range. A definite challenge to Naish's Torch crown.

7.5, 9, 11, 13 and 15m

Naish - Alliance


Kiteworld Mag Issue #30
This test is in issue #30

Naish - Alliance
Naish - Alliance
Naish - Alliance
Naish - Alliance
Naish - Alliance

Added: 2008-08-01

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