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Eclipse Thruster Kite

Click here for Thruster Eclipse The Thruster is Eclipse's competition-ready hybrid kite that feels personal right out of the bag. Dimitri raves: 'You will feel like Superman when you tap the Thruster's insane airtime and gliding a...

Eclipse Thruster Kite

Kima Eclipse Kite

Dialling into his Greek ancestry, Dimitri Maramenides chose the name 'Kima' for Eclipse's 2009 'wave' kite. If wind and waves are your passion, he believes they have built the dream kite for you. It's not about how fast you go or ...

Kima Eclipse Kite

Blade Kiteboarding Trigger Kite

Continuing their weaponry theme, Blade will be pulling out the Trigger in their 2009 product line. Unlike any other SLE kite on the market, design modifications include constant maximum power throughout every movement of the kite ...

Blade Kiteboarding Trigge

Blade Kiteboarding Vertigo Kite

Click here for Blade Vertigo Review The 2008 Blade Vertigo was one of the revelations of our testing sessions last year and improving on that kite for 2009 has been no easy task for the Blade team. They assure us that Vertigo love...

Blade Kiteboarding Vertig

Blade Kiteboarding Prime Kite

The Blade Prime laughs in the face of the bow and hybrid revolution and is for all those freestyle enthusiasts devoted to the C kite. With power as a priority for the Blade design team, the Prime provides smooth pull throughout ea...

Blade Kiteboarding Prime

F-One Bandit dos Kite

Click here for F-One Bandit dos Review The Delta C-shape is a concept developed and patented by F-One that has proved reliable in all disciplines and for all levels of kiting. F-One believe it's the solution for all types of rider...

F-One Bandit dos Kite

Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Model Kite

The '08 Hadlow Pro model blew the test team's socks off and Flexi have worked hard at further injecting huge performance levels into this wing. Aaron specifically wanted to see an improvement in the ability of the larger kites to ...

Flexifoil Hadlow Pro Mode

Flexifoil Quark Kite

The Quark is Flexifoil's new fun, affordable three-line kitesurf trainer kite, designed to specifically help new kiters learn to fly with skill and confidence. Equipped with all the usual Flexifoil build-quality it's ideal for use...

Flexifoil Quark Kite

Flexifoil Neutron Kite

The Neutron is billed as 'Bombproof fun' for all levels of rider. Solid power makes it great for freestyle, a fast turn and snappy handling see it cope beautifully in the waves and there's great boost for freeriders; it's the all-...

Flexifoil Neutron Kite

Naish Kiteboarding Helix Kite

Click here for Naish Helilx Review The Helix returns to the Naish line-up in name only for 2009. The kite has been completely redesigned to clearly set it aside as Naish's top end, all-terrain performance kite. After all their tes...

Naish Kiteboarding Helix
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