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RRD Placebo Kiteboard

The Placebo boards makes you feel better... and are a new, completely renewed line of freestyle boards from 39 to 47cm wide. Slightly longer and built softer than the Poisons, the Placebo are just pure freestyle pleasure. Immediat...

RRD Placebo Kiteboard

RRD Poison Kiteboard

Click here for RRD Poison Review The Poison Contest 2009 comes with the tag line: 'The best keeps getting better'. A routed out core technology developed in 2008 involving a long and accurate CNC shaping process and a special ligh...

RRD Poison Kiteboard

RRD Screw-It Kiteboard

Featuring on all RRD twin-tips this year is the Screw-It! system: a screw integrated strap and pad  that eliminates the need for a screwdriver! The plastic side parts screw into the board, the straps then attach to those plastic p...

RRD Screw-It Kiteboard

RRD Venom Kiteboard

The Venom allows you to ride waves with a full twin-tip configuration and an outline, hull and rail designed for riding waves. Combining full freestyle manoeuvres with snappy off-the-lips and bottom turns are what this new model i...

RRD Venom Kiteboard

Spleene Fun-Tech Kiteboard

Spleene design team, led by Rainer Kauper in Germany, have seriously pulled up their sleeves over the winter and developed a stunning line-up of boards for the new season. It's all change: new ranges, shapes, construction and grap...

Spleene Fun-Tech Kiteboar

Wainman Hawaii Blunt Kiteboard

The Blunt is a slim profile twin-tip, designed to be extremely light but very strong with almost no drag and massive pop, helping you take your freeriding and freestyle to a whole new level. TTested in the brutal waters of Maui, t...

Wainman Hawaii Blunt Kite

Freak Dog Buddha kiteboard

Freak Dog twin-tips are available custom made and in all carbon fibre construction, not just with some strip running tip-to-tip. Surfboard shaping legend and epoxy guru, 'Buddha' Bonifay, has designed what he believes to be the ul...

Freak Dog Buddha kiteboar

Flydoor and Flyradical kiteboard

Click here for Flysurfer Flyradical Review Flysurfer are claiming that this year's Flyboard range represents the biggest annual leap forward since they started producing boards in 2005.  For starters, a concave has been added thro...

Flydoor and Flyradical ki

Brunotti Pro X kiteboard

Brunotti's legendary Pro X series has been further refined to allow for even more radical freestyle action - even international pro riders use this board during competition for its huge power and pop. Carbon kevlar strips have bee...

Brunotti Pro X kiteboard

Brunotti Pro King kiteboard

The Pro King is designed as an overall freeride board. A rounded outline provides fast, grippy rail-to-rail transitions while a flatter rocker line is tuned for speed and upwind ability. The latest in wood core technology, ABS rai...

Brunotti Pro King kiteboa
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