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Maelstorm light wind Kiteboard

Maelstorm is a new kitesurf brand that recently launched at the Surf Expo in Florida, offering awesome prices across their range of boards and accessories, both online and with a growing number of retail partners. The Anglo-Americ...

Maelstorm light wind Kite

Naish Kiteboarding Thorn Kiteboard

 Click here to Naish Thorn Review Naish have three distinct twin-tip categories this year making it easy to find one that not only fits your style, but will also take your riding to its highest level. This issue we feature the Tho...

Naish Kiteboarding Thorn

Naish Kiteboarding Haze Kiteboard

Click here for Naish Kiteboard The Haze is Naish's all-round workhorse twin-tip. With moderate power, smooth tracking and extreme flex for outstanding control, the Haze adapts to all wind and water conditions, making it a brillian...

Naish Kiteboarding Haze K

Nobile 666 Kiteboard

Click here for Nobile 666 Review NHP stands for Nobile High Performance. If freestyle or high-performance twin riding is your aim then the NHP is sure to please. Two major improvements on the 2008 666 were in mind during the desig...

Nobile 666 Kiteboard

Nobile 555 Kiteboard

Click here for Nobile 555 Review If you've caught Shinny looking at you funny as you're walking along the beach or while you're riding, it's not that he likes you in any way, he's just become fascinated by what he calls The Human ...

Nobile 555 Kiteboard

Nbl Nobile Kiteboard

Click here for Nobile Review Contrary to what most PKRA competitors will tell you, now settled into a glorious freeride habit, Shinn firmly believes you don't have to be a freestyler to be a good kiteboarder. For many, the freedom...

Nbl Nobile Kiteboard

North Kiteboarding Race Kiteboard

Ken Winner has used his 20-plus years of windsurf racing experience to develop the Race Ltd 09  with mind blowing upwind performance and extreme light wind capabilities, already proven in the PKRA race arena by reigning champion, ...

North Kiteboarding Race K

North Kiteboarding Jaime Kiteboard

Click here for North Jaime Pro Review The ever-popular Jaime is back for 2009 as a freeride/new-school crossover. An evolution of last year's Jaime board, the shape has been optimised with narrower tips for a smoother ride. Expect...

North Kiteboarding Jaime

North Kiteboarding Pro-model Kiteboard

With a stack of pro riding talent signed to their label to consult, North have launched an uncompromising range of pro model boards for '09 to meet the needs of dedicated new school riders. Sky Solbach, Cesar Portas, Mallory de la...

North Kiteboarding Pro-mo

Royal High5 Kiteboard

The High Five is designed as a board for riders wanting a true all-around shape to maximise their time and fun on the water. If you want to ride waves, jump and explore all the facets that our sport has to enjoy, or simply be the ...

Royal High5 Kiteboard
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