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CrazyFly Kiteboarding Rocky Pro Kiteboard

The Rocky Pro is a freestyle board aimed at competition-level riders. The Rocky Chatwell Pro limited edition, used by Rocky in PKRA competitions, is exactly the same as the production series.We will bring you more info on this whe...

CrazyFly Kiteboarding Roc

CrazyFly Kiteboarding Raptor Kiteboard

Click here for CrazyFly Raptor Pro Review The Raptor Pro freestyle board's dynamics bring comfort to your knees to give you an incredibly smooth and enjoyable ride. As an all-round freestyle board it works well in most conditions,...

CrazyFly Kiteboarding Rap

CrazyFly Kiteboarding Allround Kiteboard

The Allround has proved to a popular mover for Crazy Fly, gaining a reputation for high quality at a reasonable price. Suiting beginners as well as advanced kiters, it rides smoothly, even in lighter winds, due to its stamina upwi...

CrazyFly Kiteboarding All

CrazyFly Kiteboarding Bulldozer Kiteboard

Click here for Bulldozer review The Bulldozer represents a mixture in elements of the Rocky Chatwell and Raptor models, also found in the Crazy Fly range, resulting in a new school freestyle board. Just a little bit flatter and wi...

CrazyFly Kiteboarding Bul

F-One Acid Kiteboard

This year's Acid received the same alterations to its thickness and also benefits from the carbon X reinforcement in the centre. The Acid therefore also benefits from extra pop while the flex makes things ultra-controllable and mo...

F-One Acid Kiteboard

F-One Trax Kiteboard

Click here for F-One Trax135 The fourth incarnation of the Trax model has seen small changes invested in return for big improvements. The rocker line has received a little touch up and, while keeping excellent planing characterist...

F-One Trax Kiteboard

Jimmy Lewis Domatrix-Concave Kiteboard

The Dominatrix concave, that's become hugely popular on many of today's kiteboards, was invented by Jimmy Lewis and provides perverse levels of control. His hand-shaped rails and high-gloss automotive finish create unmatched speed...

Jimmy Lewis Domatrix-Conc

Litewave Ultra-Plush

Litewave UltraPlush Lace-up is a 6'' wide lace-up section covering more of your foot than a regular foot strap, heading more along the lines of a binding. The pad is soft and superbly contoured to keep your heel locked-in, properl...

Litewave Ultra-Plush

Litewave Vision Kiteboard

The Vision is a proven design that has been minimally tweaked in 2009. Slightly pulled-in tips make for great carving and slashing and the straight sections in the centre for rocketing upwind. The three-stage 'hooked-up' concave i...

Litewave Vision Kiteboard

Litewave Spirit Kiteboard

Litewave lay claim to the fact that they pioneered snowboard construction techniques in kiteboards back in 1999 and have been charging the way since.The Spirit project was about making the most high-performance freestyle board pos...

Litewave Spirit Kiteboard
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