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Litewave Dave dropped in to see us at the office on his UK tour with a car full of goods! Here's what he told us: 'The Spirit Freestyle board range was co-designed with Tad Ciastula. Tad and I tested over 80 boards to reach the final product. The Spirit has a thin profile overall and thin rails that really grab, allowing you to get upwind and go fast. Deck contours gradually thin out the tips while torsion-bar convolutions in the deck let the board flex length-wise but not tortionally. We've not had a warranty claim on any of these boards that we've sold; they're just so strong. Longer boards will give you more flex, so we've used heavier fibres in their production. The best seller is the 144, which is perfect for beginners. The 132 will allow a top-level competitive rider to reach their highest performance.'
SIZES: 144 x 46, 137 x 44 and 132 x 40cm
'My Quad Surf took over a year of research and development in Mauritius, California, and Florida. It's designed with five inserts on each side of the foot strap. A pulled in bat-tail outline and a faster-gun style rocker allows this board to really drive through and keep speed in the bottom turns, while the quadfin configuration gives incredible grip for snappy offthelips. It has an epoxy gel coat with a wood veneer under the foot strap area. It's also got really strong fin boxes, way superior to FCS or a Future fin boxes. Our box goes all the way to the deck, so you know that when your fin is in, it's in! The board is 5'8'' and has a three part deck pad. I really like it for surfing; you can really feel your toes and get a super grip.'
SIZE: 5'8
'The Wing is my favourite board. It's pretty unusual
and rides a lot like a snowboard, and is shaped like a
snowboard. It's a super light wind board but is really
manoeuvrable. The tip-to-tip radical concave
smooths out chop and the tips are thin and flexible
with built-in torsion bars to maximise carving
performance under load. I weigh 100 kilos and can
stay upwind on this board in as little as ten knots!
Compared to some light wind boards that are super
flat, it's got a lot of concave and a lot of rocker. It will
give you a lot of flexibility in the middle and it's
amazing how well this planes and the angle you can
get it to go upwind. There's a video on my website
called Low Wind Limit. You can see me riding the Wing
in wind speeds no more than 10.5mph and I was
doing four foot jumps! Check it out!'
SIZES: 161 x 45, 153 x 45 and 146 x 45cm

Added: 2011-04-28

Category: Gear

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