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Litewave Tsunami 137 (2007)

The Tsunami is a new design for 2007. Although it has been designed for top-level riders, intermediates will also benefit from its attributes. The boards utilise stepcap rail construction that makes for a thin board that is light, strong and flexible, especially in the tips. Unlike other boards with step-cap, the Tsunami has a single concave bottom for added control in chop and better edging. Tough construction prevails with an unscratchable durasurf base, ABS side-walls and threaded wakeboard-style inserts.

CHRIS: Wow. This is a big surprise to me.
WILL: You look at it and wonder why it's so big, but it doesn't feel big at all, just really comfortable.
GEORGE: These straps and pads rule. They're so comfortable and cushioning. Awesome board construction, too: ABS, concave and check-out the duraglide. That's the most robust board I've seen in a long time. You can see the concave all the way through and the flex isn't just in the tips. The whole board flexes and it feels very comfortable.
CHRIS: It also has a lot of freestyle application with nice wide tips and a fairly aggressive outline, too. It's got enough stiffness for good pop for a board this size.
WILL: I think you've got to be a bit bigger and stronger for any really aggressive pop, it clings to the water nicely and you constantly feel like you're cranking upwind.
CHRIS: I'm flabbergasted by the concave; it's huge. It flattens-out towards the fins, but this combination is what gives it the soft ride. There's a lot of technical expertise in the shape; they've been bold and it's paid off. Just look at that rocker. When you put such a big concave in a board you're going to have to have a flatter rocker section otherwise it's just going to go so slow. You get the benefits of the softness of the concave with the speed of a nice flat section in the middle.
GEORGE: It isn't really fast, just really comfortable, and considering it's a big board you never get overpowered and it just doesn't feel that big on your feet.
WILL: It feels quite chunky when you tryraileys, but it's good for doing regular airs.
CHRIS: This would be an absolute joy for a bigger chap. It changes direction easily... actually you don't have to think too much at all with this board.
GEORGE: And you can do just about everything on it. It carves nicely and it doesn't feel too wide on the landings - it isn't an ankle snapper like some wide boards. This would make a good first board and you wouldn't outgrow it.
CHRIS: I really, really like this board; it's so versatile. I could use one of these all summer and still do all my stunts on it. WILL: I'd recommend this to most guys at my local spot, and it would blatantly last forever.
The Litewave is a super board for a lot of reasons. It's a keeper; buy it as your first board or your summer lightwind blaster and it'll never disappoint. Complete versatility, strength, comfort and it's also a bit of a looker!

130 x 39
133 x 41
137 x 44cm

This test is inissue #28

Litewave Tsunami 137
Litewave Tsunami 137
Litewave Tsunami 137

Added: 2007-12-17

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