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Litewave Spirit Kiteboard

Litewave lay claim to the fact that they pioneered snowboard construction techniques in kiteboards back in 1999 and have been charging the way since.
The Spirit project was about making the most high-performance freestyle board possible that is light, strong, good value and with an appearance that highlighted the Kapok wood core. (Kapok is a Thai wood with excellent light weight, flexibility and bonding properties ? perfect for lots of load and pop!) The board's thin overall profile and thin rails really grab, allowing you to reach high speeds. Selective flex lets the board ride smoothly and initiate turns easily, but doesn't let your tip flex sideways, which would change the fin angle and make you lose grip. The 132 is designed for the top level competitive rider, while the larger sizes are geared for lighter wind and/or bigger riders or beginners.
SIZES: 144 x 47, 137 x 44 and 132 x 41cm

Litewave Spirit Kiteboard
Litewave Spirit Kiteboard

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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