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Litewave Rasta Pro (2008)


The Rasta Pro LE leads the industry in design features for 2008. The intelligent outline has slightly pulled-in tips for unmatched carving ability and slashing but straight sections in the centre for rocketing upwind performance. The evolved 'hooked-up' concave is actually made up of three radii for more grip where you need it and a flatter section in the centre for massive pop and release in powered wake-style moves. The Rasta Pro excels in high-speed riding, chop, freestyle and even sliders?just take off the fins. A high-pressure compression moulding with a lightweight but super-strong PVC core, epoxy, and strategically placed composite materials deliver minimum weight with maximum strength and pop and just the right amount of flex. The Mack Daddy foot system is completely removable and the dual density cradles your foot while an ABS plate underneath actually disperses impact on those hard landings.

WILL: The finish is generally good with everything hidden neatly away. The fins are OK but on this model there's an excess of foam buffer that protects the board from the fin that you'd just need to trim away, but perhaps that was just this model.
CHRIS: The grab handle is solid and the pads are lovely, big, soft designs that you can easily lock your feet into. The Velcro adjustment system on the straps is simple and effective.
WILL: Lots of fin options, but some seem too far back for the amount of concave in the board, so on one setting the fins are right at the tips and would be hard to engage. Fine in the middle setting though.
NEAL: I really like the pads and straps and you can really lock yourself in over that toe-rail. Very all-round board and doesn't stand out in any area which is a bit frustrating for me as I like performance kit. But it doesn't do anything badly, just a real all-rounder. Plenty of pop, it's easy to get a rail in and it goes upwind without any fuss.
CHRIS: Feels quite big in your hands but not at all on the water and the riding style is very controllable. Feels stiff and solid underfoot and gets up and going nice and quickly. I was steaming past other riders on this and the stiffness helped it cope with the landings from a big loop ? it would drive forward rather than sink. It's tough too, I know that, and so do my knees from some of the landings ? it just took them without flinching. I really like the way the rails feel and at the same time they are very easy to release to switch stance and carve around. It does everything well up to a certain level, but really advanced freestyle performers would want more high-performance from their board rather than such an all-round shape.

SUMMARY: While the Litewave doesn't excel in any area, it doesn't disappoint either. If you're an intermediate rider looking to blast around the ocean or looking to start getting into freestyle, then you're not going to out perform this board any time soon. The Rasta's strengths lie in its grip at speed and upwind ability. Nice board for the masses.

129 x 39cm
133 x 41cm
136 x 44cm


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Added: 2008-08-01

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