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Litewave Freestyle 135 (2005)

Feels bigger than its quoted size, so it's always going to be a solid bet for early intermediates as they won't have to walk round the beach with a tank. Not a really heart-pumping ride, but a solid allround performer. If you're looking for a tough, early planing/underpowered board then this works.

Making up one half of the Litewave board range, the Freestyle series are relatively shorter and wider than the Freeride series. They like to be ridden on-edge, fast and aggressively. The series come with a deep concave for high-speed control. Unscratchable durasurf bottoms make the board extremely tough, ABS sidewalls give a smooth ride and add to its strength alongside the tri-axial epoxy PVC construction with reinforcements in key areas providing loads of pop. There are quality threaded wakeboard-style inserts to fit either bindings or straps in three positions.

NEAL: This is a big wakeboard style board with a fixed rocker. It's stiff and very skatey. There are these little fins on broad bases stuck up at the tips. There's a good bit of concave in it, probably making it a bit smoother. Once you've got your feet firmly locked in and on an edge then it goes well.
GEORGE: On the top-side of the board the fin screws are really near the foot straps, much closer than they usually are. That's interesting and must affect the grip and release.
NEAL: Your heels are quite a long way from the heel edge on a board that's quite wide meaning you ride it quite flat, so it planes quite quickly. Not a really wide duck-footed stance, it's quite narrow.
GEORGE: It's got some interesting options for the pads and straps. In one of them you'd end up with your foot sat on the deck of the board.
NEAL: Those holes are for bindings. It's a good idea to have such strong fittings for those that want the binding option. The concave goes all the way to the tips to channel the water and make it a bit more directional. The construction is really good with the pressed laminate and foam core.
GEORGE: It planed quickly for a 135, although it did feel bigger than that. It's probably more for slightly heavier riders.
MAGGIE: I don't think early intermediates like being really lit, so the fact that this board gets going quickly is good as they are more than likely to be going out in lighter winds. You can be comfortably underpowered.
GEORGE: A lot of intermediates opt for Litewaves. They have a really good reputation for being bombproof.



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Litewave Freestyle
Litewave Freestyle

Added: 2007-03-23

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