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Liquid Force Recoil 134 (2010)

The simple single concave of the 2010 Recoil has been a proven no-frills design to allow for clean water flow and increased upwind performance. The Recoil will provide an enjoyable ride for any rider at almost any ability level. The PVC composite core of the Recoil provides a lightweight, durable core and a smooth stable ride, whilst the ABS side-wall provides ultra-responsive rebound and adds to the stiff flex for the rider looking for a high speed ride. Integrated 'thumb rail' deck contours add increased strength and durability between the feet, allowing the core to be as thin as possible without sacrificing strength. The sublimated matt top and bottom sheet is clean and stylish.
The 2009 Recoil was a really aggressive, really stiff little blighter. Utterly focussed, it was insane for really good riders in flat water wanting to ride powered wake-style all the time, but it just wasn't the most easy or enjoyable ride for most other people. Of course, it was well-made with some totally pimp accessories, but was too niche for most people.
It was, however, incredibly good looking, tough and aspirational. It looked like a serious piece of kit. The good news is that we believe that Liquid Force have done exactly the right thing with the Recoil this year.
Bomb-proof construction has been maintained but the ride has been softened up with a single concave, so it's much less rigid with more flex. What Liquid Force have produced is a lovely, top-ofthe- range freestyle board, accessible to a lot of people. The 2010 version may not be so all out and extreme, but it means that there's actually more usable performance available all the time. There's still shed loads of pop and you get a good connection to the board. Although some stiffness has been removed, it's still not exactly soft, so gets up and going smartly and tracks upwind well. The Liquid Force pads and straps are still second-to-none, but it's also comfortable with a smoother flex pattern. It's not so jolty and the flex feels more progressive. There's not too much grip for easily switching heel-to-toe and toe-to-heel; it doesn't feel really stuck to the water but still grips for loading and edging. Carve it, pop it, thrash it, stomp it; fast, fun and agile - the contact with the water feels amazingly clean, giving the board a energetic feel.

The Recoil is still quick and has plenty of performance, but has been adapted to a broader market because it's now more comfortable in real world conditions and doesn't knock your knees together riding in chop. If you like the look of Liquid Force boards but always thought they weren't aimed at you, think again. This is a great kitesurfing twin-tip, with still enough of a new school emphasis to uphold its reputation in the park.
KW LIKED: Aggressive style masking a very usable twin-tip.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Our hearts were taken with the very serious, business-like colour scheme of last year. It looked like stealth bomber!
137 x 41 and 134 x 40cm



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Added: 2010-05-06

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