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Liquid Force WLF 145 (2008)

The legendary WLF is back! Over the last year the LF design team has completely redesigned the WLF to come up with the best lightwind freestyle twin-tip board in the industry. The WLF will get you up and riding in those marginal wind sessions when you truly ride and spin while others are walking up the beach and struggling to stay upwind. Constructed with a compression moulded shell and a machined PVC foam core, PBT top and bottom and ABS side-walls add strength and durability, the WLF is tough. It has a super-wide profile, new scalloped tail shape, single concave bottom contour, rounded rails and lightwind continuous rocker. There's also a fourth insert hole to facilitate wakeboard bindings.

NEAL: Like the Airush, the board looks so good and has fixtures and fittings to drool over. Obviously aimed at freestyle and wakestyle riding, the first thing that strikes you is how smooth this board is. A combination of those pads and a softer rail and outline gives this board a buttery smooth ride quality. It does take a little getting going though, perhaps because all those features actually absorbing some of the power and you do feel it getting transferred to your legs in lightwind. But once up and powered it is a joy.
JAMES: We set it up on the widest stance of all, which is wider than the other kiteboards which could have taken away a little getting going capability, but the benefits for anyone wanting to launch and land powered moves are massive. When it went, it was fast. Not the best light wind performance in terms of being able to ride in the lightest of airs, but as soon as the wind gets up a little bit it's got so much freestyle performance!
PETE: I'm a bit heavier and I really, really liked it on the second day. Really comfortable landings. You really got that sharp stomping sound. I like a looser fitting strap. These ones were a bit committed for me. Super-comfy though.
JAMES: I like the option for bindings. With wide stance and the fact it goes really fast on the water, you get psyched up to try something.
NEAL: The board also feels quite slidey when flat so even I was trying surface handlepasses! We didn't try this one in any heavy chop and I felt you might find it a little heavy on the legs after a while as it really soaks everything up rather than slicing through it.
PETE: Coped with a lot of power. Not greatest bottom end though.
JAMES: But OK for someone like me as a lighter rider. If you're into freestyle this would be your big freestyle board.
PETE: Great for building your confidence up in unhooking in lighter winds.

All in all a fantastic wakestyle kiteboard, which, like the Airush is more suited to heavier riders looking for a solid performance deck, but not necessarily in the lightest winds. As long as you're powered-up this is a fantastic board for flat water freestyle. Big riders could have this as their only board or lighter riders as their second.

Absolute freestyle performance, good looks and comfort.

More get up and go in the really light winds.

140 x 44 and 145 x 45cm.
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board

Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board
Liquid Force WLF 145 (light wind) Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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