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Liquid Force Kiteboarding Recoil

Liquid Force Recoil Kite
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Liquid Force have been stealing the underfoot board areas of many a rider's sticks in 2008, and back on their own stompers the bread and butter of the Liquid Force twin-tip line up is back for 2009. But the bread and butter doesn't taste the same! Oh no, it's been through a long pasteurisation process to be completely re-engineered and updated.
Keeping the popular outline, tail shape and size range of the previous generation Recoils is where LF board shaper Jimmy Redmon left the old and moved forward with new tricks to pimp out for 2009! New white matt finish and simple clean graphics set off a look of sophistication. Look closer and you'll see how the new finish highlights the new lines and 3-D top shape geometry. New tooling has blended all of the curves, edges and angles of the deck, outline and flex fork shaping into smooth flawless lines reminiscent of a top end sports car.
Touch it and you'll realise that not only has the top been retooled, but the edge is a much thinner, tuned ABS and that in fact the entire core profile of the board has been reduced by about a third of its thickness making for a lighter, thinner, stronger, more flexible, more powerful Recoil.
SIZES: 127, 130, 133 and 136cm
Step back in shock at all the glory at:
Liquid Force Recoil Kite

Liquid Force Recoil Kite

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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