Home Gear Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 (2008)

Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 (2008)

If you are the type of rider that demands the highest quality kiteboard made with the latest hi-tech materials, the Recoil Comp is the twin-tip for you. Take your riding to the next level with the Comp's lightweight and ultra-responsive feel. Toughened with a machined PVC foam core, compression moulded shell, PBT bottom and ABS side-walls for strength and durability, the Comp also has a super-thin rail profile, single concave bottom contour, LF's competition flex control and rocker and an extra fourth insert hole to facilitate wakeboard bindings. This board means business.

NEAL: Awesome pads and straps again from LF. Even has lace-up straps so you can tighten them on the water for the closest feel to bindings I've felt yet.
CHRIS: As soon as you put your feet in they are really comfortable and those laces seem like a really good idea to get the perfect fit.
WILL: The laces look cool and I was looking forward to using them, but occasionally got laces wrapped around my toes. I love the black and blue graphics.
CHRIS: Yeah, it's very Darth Vader. I found the board a bit too stiff for these conditions. Not super-lightweight, more moderate weight I would say, but still lively. Will last a life-time it's so tough. Pops and lands well but it's not at home in lumpy, bumpy conditions.
NEAL: It looks fantastic and you know you're going to be riding a board with wakeboard heritage as soon as you look at it. I found it good today actually. I like the combination of wakestyle stiffness, awesome pop, very solid landings, and with a slightly less square and smaller outline than the Recoil we tested last issue, it rides relatively easily through the chop and waves. Definitely a fantastic flat water kiteboard, but I think it has very good all-round application as well.
WILL: It absolutely tanks upwind. It is a stiff board, but because of the soft, spongy pads it feels really comfortable. Once wedged into those you aren't going anywhere and you can soak up anything through them. Not bad in chop because it goes upwind so well, so you don't mind it being such a hard ride because you get so much performance with it.
CHRIS: Well constructed and looks good. I wouldn't recommend it to an intermediate as it is too freestyle orientated for general riding ? it's programmed for wakestyle. Flies upwind, but is just a bit too stiff for me. Nice board, wrong conditions. Good for somewhere like Egypt.

A slight differing of opinion from the test team with regard to its comfort in choppy conditions. There were no arguments over its level of freestyle performance though ? top drawer.

Slick looks, raging high wakestyle performance and upwind ability.

Long laces.

128 x 38, 131 x 39, 134 x 40 and 137 x 41cm.
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board

This test is inissue #34

Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board
Liquid Force Recoil Comp 134 Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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