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Liquid Force Recoil 136 (2007)

The Recoil was designed by wakeboard shaper Jimmy Redmon and European board designer, Anders Borg. The idea was to create a kiteboard that was super-fast, quick to plane and had tonnes of pop. The hull design was configured to excel in a variety of conditions and features a super-thin rail profile, single concave, ultralightweight construction, low swing-weight and a specialised flex profile.

GEORGE: This definitely gets huge pimp points straight away.
CHRIS: Pure wake-style bling: square, wide-tips and parallel lines.
WILL: There are even air bubbles in the pads!
CHRIS: Yep. Three mm ABS on the tips, 10 on the sides, so that's fairly standard.
GEORGE: They've sculpted a trident into the core at the ends and it looks and feels like they've really got to grips with the flex properties.
CHRIS: This is a real consumer buy - you feel good about yourself. It obviously comes with inserts for bindings, too. Would even look good in your house!
GEORGE: Nice grab-rails and the pads look amazing and are uper-comfortable, but for me they are just a bit slippery when they're wet. Progressive rocker line and to be honest, I would have expected the rocker to be much flatter on this type of board.
GEORGE: No, there's a lovely concave in it. Rounded rails and this PBT construction and foam core makes for hugely flexible tips and it's just so comfortable.
CHRIS: This is one of the best looking kiteboards I've seen for freestyle. It's very aggressive...wide-stance options, I really like it.
GEORGE: Just cruising around on it is nice though, too. It has so much more application than just freestyle. This is a great board; fast enough, not blistering but it's plenty fast enough.
WILL: Yeah it feels good on the water and does everything you could possibly want. Not bad for one board.
CHRIS: Gets up and going early, holds power well and they've even rounded off the rails so you've got some carving ability too, but you just get so much explosive pop from this. I really enjoyed it.
GEORGE: They've thought about everything. There's a lot going for it; it's sexy, it'll take you a long way.
CHRIS: Probably comes with some nice wake-style moves already programmed in for you.
GEORGE: Yeah there's a KGB button and baggy pants! Liquid Force have taken kiteboarding seriously now and they're actually making refined boards specifically for kiting rather than just putting out wakeboards. Wow.
It's pretty safe to say that the test team were impressed by the Recoil. For a kiteboard to excel in as many areas as this did for as many riders as it does is amazing. We can't even say that we don't like the colours because the boys hooked-up with more chicks on the beach with this board under their arm than Ron Jeremy on overtime.

127 x 38
130 x 39
133 x 40
136 x 41cm


Lock and Load (Aug/Sept 07: Issue #28 - Twin-tip Test)

Liquid Force Recoil 136
Liquid Force Recoil 136
Liquid Force Recoil 136

Added: 2007-12-17

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