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The 2009 second generation HiFi is a super-responsive, direct feeling 5th line hybrid high-performance / freestyle kite.
At the core of the HiFi is the Axis 5 control bar. Slightly different to the standard SLE bar, the 5th line is attached at the top of the mainline between the front lines, allowing the front and 5th line to work in unison and always remain at the same length and tension.
You get all the benefits of a 5th line system without the cluttered hassles that are found with some 5th line systems, but as it's reachable, you can still use it to self-land for example. This line set-up means the correct arc and shape of the kite is maintained even while totally depowered. The Diamond Wing-tip and special 5th line attachment system allows for great depower and the ability to roll and relaunch like a bridled kite, while still providing the rider with the direct feel and quick response of a 5 line freestyle kite.
If you love pushing yourself and your riding to new limits, hooked or unhooked, the 2009 LF HiFi will please you.
Sizes: 15, 12, 9 and 7m
For the hyper-competitive amongst you looking for ultimate performance, then you have the options of a three size HiFi Comp range ? the HiFi on steroids.
The performance is maximised with a slimmer leading edge producing less drag, a more powerful profile and an efficient canopy.
The direct responsiveness has also been improved for the ultimate in finger-tip control for insane kite loops, and the rider can choose the amount of bar pressure or turning speed and handling they want through the various trim options. All these extra high-performance characteristics come with a few sacrifices for the more average rider, in terms of stability for example.
This is a new-school freestyle machine for advanced riders ? for those who are very aware of where their kite is all the time and how they want it to perform.
SIZES: 7, 9, 12
The design goal with Mauricio Abreu's first LF pro model kiteboard, the Concept, was to make a board that could be ridden fin-less for sliders and kickers (although it's lightweight, it's tough too with a reinforced slider grind base!) but still have insane pop and ability to edge upwind well.
The team believe they've found the perfect balance between pop and speed by integrating the first true single to double concave bottom on a kiteboard.
Mauricio says it's the ultimate freeride kiteboard that's also perfect for wake-style as well as slashing the tops off waves. The 2009 Concept is available in three different constructions: Concept, Concept Grind and Concept LTD.
SIZES: 139 x 42 and 135 x 41

Hifi Liquid Force Kite

Hifi Liquid Force KiteHifi Liquid Force KiteHifi Liquid Force Kite
Hifi Liquid Force KiteHifi Liquid Force Kite

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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