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Liquid Force Havoc 10m (2007)

The Havoc is LF's freestyle-driven bridlesupported kite. The Havoc's design is based on a newer and more powerful C shaped arc design and features a 25% flatter segment. This flatter segment creates the power of a kite that is two square meters larger than its actual size. The Havoc's new 'static wing-tip pulley' induces a fast yet powerful turn that does not distort the kite's profile. The relaunch is effortless as the line and bridle set-up are designed to automatically put the kite into the correct launching position. This proven relaunch system works every time on water as well as on land and snow. The total kite de-power option is safe enough for the beginner, yet performance oriented enough for the accomplished rider and there's no complication with a fifth line.

GEORGE: Out the bag, as we've come to expect from LF, everything is nicely finished. Good one pump system and all the usual bells and whistles. We did have to shorten the back lines initially to get it set up right, but this isn't unusual.
SHINN: Yep the bar looks good but again I have a little complaint about the release that works by pulling it towards you. There are arguments for having this system in that you can get more leverage by pulling rather than pushing, but it does mean there is a possibility of actually pulling the release when grabbing the chicken loop to hook back in when you're unhooked. It's a personal thing though really.
NEAL: I like the black look in kites, looks pimp and the kite was smooth and stable in the air with no hint of stalling or backing down the window.
GEORGE: It had all the flying characteristics of a well-made kite; nice pull, lots of power, lots of depower, decent hang-time. It did everything nicely.
SHINN: The bar does have some pulleys so the steering isn't the lightest and the kite isn't the quickest and the bar does pull quite a bit unhooked, but is manageable. Quality finish though, and the general riding qualities are all there.

A good looking, stable and reliable piece of kit from Liquid Force that isn't going to give you any nasty surprises. Perhaps not the most equipped for lots of unhooked tricks for average riders, but a solid allround performer in all other areas.

4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14m


This test is in issue #26

Liquid Force - Havoc 10m
Liquid Force - Havoc 10m
Liquid Force - Havoc 10m
Liquid Force - Havoc 10m

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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