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Liquid Force Havoc 10m (2008)

The Havoc is back with a few changes which lead LF to believe it's the best SLE on the market. The Havoc's design is based on a newer and more powerful ARC design. The Havoc features a 25% flatter segment that creates the power of a kite two square metres bigger than its actual size. The Havoc's 'static wing-tip pulley' induces fast yet powerful turns that don't distort the kite's profile, allowing for constant power in the kite through the turns. The new diamond wing-tip allows for a slightly different bridal configuration, which makes the kite turn faster and provides 20% more depower than last year's Havoc. The bridal and arc of this kite allow it to have 80% depower when the mainline is engaged as well as effortless re-launching. The new Havoc also features triple stitched, taped seams and connection point reinforcing all over the kite and where the canopy meets the leading edge, as well as along the leading edge seam, making the Havoc one of the most durable kites on the market.

NEAL: Good construction. Looks nice, and the fat tips make it turn really well. Quite grunty on the beach and you have to sheet out when you launch it.
CHRIS: Really good positive power on the bar and you absolutely know where it is all the time.
NEAL: It's really quick so I wouldn't tout this as an early intermediate kite.
CHRIS: It's like a sport's motorbike. Really nippy, really quick and I love it.
NEAL: Unhooking is lovely. Although it sits back in the window, which is great for freestyle and it still goes upwind really well when you sheet out a bit.
CHRIS: Not a hang-time kite, more of an up and down kite.
NEAL: It's almost gone through the power zone before you know it, which is why it's so up and down in the jumps.
CHRIS: Super-safe kite loop kite because you know it's going to get back up to 12 o'clock. It water launches well but it does like to relaunch quite deep in the window. When you pull the line to relaunch, this just pivots and is ready to go back up before you know it. This is a good thing, but you have to be ready for that. I'd ride this all day long.
It's not boring, slow and calm. It really moves.
WILL: Great for wakestyle and is so comfortable unhooked. You almost only want to hook in on it to get back upwind to unhook again.
NEAL: Good stopper, I'm not a fan of the under the bar depower systems, but as they go this one is nice.
CHRIS: You have to be careful pulling the depower on, and when I wasn't using the donkey dick and I tried pulling the depower line, it stuck a bit and pulled the chicken-loop out of my harness hook, so I had to put the donkey dick in. Not the easiest of kites to depower with brand new line, but that would become easier.
NEAL: Your leash flaps around a little bit when attached to the end of the depower line, but if you lose the kite unhooked it pulls all the depower on and the kite loses all its power which is good.
CHRIS: I had it on suicide on the loop and when I crashed I got hauled. So attach it to the depower strap and it's no worries. Very comfy bar, and small, which I really like, but some may find it too small. For unhooked wave riding I think the conditions would have to be just right. Hooked-in on waves though this is really, really nice. Sits back much more than a lot of other kites and in cross-offshore waves you'd need a smaller kite. Any other direction, you'll be sweet.
Anyone who knows how to kite and knows what they want from a kite will love this. A rapid kite for any kind of aggressive riding, unhooked wakestyle, waves, the lot. Instant power delivery. Boom!
4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16m
Liquid Force - Havoc

This test is inissue #33

Liquid Force - Havoc
Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Liquid Force - Havoc

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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