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Liquid Force 5' 8" (2007)

Two sizes have come out of the Liquid Force shaping room this year. The 6'0" is a proven progressive surf shape that enables you to ride waves with or without foot straps. This kiteboard can also be paddled and surfed as a regular surfboard when there is no wind. The progressive thruster short-board design features a single to double concave bottom at the back for acceleration and control on the wave face.

The 5'8" surfboard features a round pin-tail shape and is designed for riding bigger waves in more extreme wind and surf conditions. This thruster design features a slight 'V' entry to smooth out the ride, and a double concave towards the back for acceleration and control on the wave face. Both boards offer a polyurethane construction to give the rider the true surfboard feel. These boards come stock with duel-entry Radius foot-straps and an EVA tail pad.

This is a more gunny-shaped 5'8". Great looking board with a more typical surfboard finish. Doesn't look really strong, you have to look after this one, but it's a performance board and that's what you get when you step up a level.
CHRIS: It has a very rounded pin-tail. It's very sharp on the rails at the back around the fins and then progresses into very round rails for loads of turning grip. It's definitely a bigger wave board with that narrow, long outline. Super-fast and the bottom-turn is so nice. So much drive!
GEORGE: This really does put a smile on your face even before you reach the top of the wave...because you know you're going to make it to the top without bogging out at the bottom. You'll still be flying!
CHRIS: Exactly. You don't feel like you're going anywhere other than where you've set up for the carve. Automatically sets you up for the top turn and doesn't for a minute feel like it's going to let you down. It's just made for performing on the wave and has loads of snap in it too. Having said that, it isn't a handful riding it out back when the wind gusts up. Doesn't feel too big, perhaps because it is a bit narrower, it is just a rocket. This would really suit more advanced riders in nice, good-sized cross-shore waves.
GEORGE: I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner. A bit tippy for novice gybing and general trimand balance.
CHRIS: Yeah it's definitely made for proper waves. If you live somewhere that has predominantly small waves and onshore winds you'd be better with something with a bit more width. This is more of a board suited to decent side-shore waves. It's just brilliant. I really enjoyed it. If you like waves, you won't go wrong with this.

The most high-performance down-the-line kiteboard here because of its gunny outline. If you live near good waves, spend some time learning the basics of surfboard riding on something a bit wider and then get one of these in your quiver. Once you progress onto it, you'll suddenly understand what it's like to ride a wave properly and with speed and drive.

5' 8" x 17.75" x 2"
6' 0" x 18 3/8" x 2 1/4"

This test is in issue #27

Liquid Force
Liquid Force
Liquid Force

Added: 2007-12-17

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