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Liquid Force Kite Fish (2011)

The Liquid Force 2011 Kite Fish works equally well in small to medium size waves as it does in flat water. A unique shape generates the push, the squash in the tail allows for ease-of-movement and the Kite Fish is designed to suit beginner and pro riders alike. Variable edges are forgiving and superior tracking is generated by the three fins. A fuller rail shape with added volume helps provide more float and drive along waves and a single-to-double concave hull keeps things smooth with efficient water flow and lift. Sure footed control and comfort is achieved through an EVA deck pad with arch bar, foot stop and proven Liquid Force surf straps.
While this isn't technically a skimboard, it has a lot of similarities and gets going in the same super-light conditions. Shaped with a similar outline to a fish surfboard, the Kite Fish definitely has a wave-based shape to it. But it's also super flat and quite thick, so it gets going in nothing. Although it has three fins at the back, they are tiny, so it's also very, very loose. It's always nice to try something different, and this certainly is. It's not totally flat on the bottom, so although it gets going quickly, the slight concave in the bottom does help it grip, but you still can't ride it like a normal surfboard and carving it is much more difficult than a regular surfboard, so don't be fooled into thinking this is going to be an easy way to progress into surfboard riding. You need to maintain a much more over-the-board stance, just like on a skimboard. It's also a lot heavier than a surfboard, a lot more robust and won't mind being ridden up the beach as much. As the fins are so small and, as the Kite Skim sits right on top of the water, it can get going in that really fun looking but shallow water right next to the beach that has been off-limits up to now. It makes those days when you have tiny one-foot slop and a light breeze actually really good fun. As it's such a stable platform it's possible to actually jump off the board and land riding toe-side ? the big
platform is good for learning to get familiar with moving your feet around on a strapless set-up and we actually preferred riding this without straps as you don't really need them in really light winds ? but they would come into their own when the waves were a bit bigger as the board needs a lot of control to get it to carve because it's so slashy and loose. Just remember to keep your weight over the board. It's more for skatey turns and slashes than surfboard carves as with your weight over the board you can bring your kite up and then watch the back end of the board skim round as you spin and skid before dipping the kite down and coming back other way. As the board is so floaty, it's easy to spin it beyond the 180, admire your own style and bring it back in again before it starts to sink.
For conditions when your standard wave board fins are too big or you need more power to get going, or for when you haven't got enough power for your twin-tip, this is excellent fun and you can ride it in next to no water. Keep it in your car for when you otherwise wouldn't be able to get out and you'll find loads of mileage in it and improve your riding with countless more interesting sessions than you otherwise would have.
Making one foot slop a slash-fest!
Reduce the weight, it's really quite heavy, but then again, this is probably why its tough, stable and trucks along!
SIZE: 5'3'


Added: 2010-08-25

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