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BY: John and Alexis Bilderback
WORDS ? Jim Gaunt
'Somebody has to live the lifestyle that everyone else dreams about, it might as well be us.' say the opening titles. John Bilderback and his wife Alexis have dedicated the last year to collecting footage of some of the best riders in the world, riding in some of the best spots in the world, in what JB describes as, 'the golden age of kitesurfing.' With an aim of producing an exquisite film in HD, the legendary surf photographer, traded his stills camera for the video version and tracked Jason Slezak, Davey Blair, Andre Phillip, Felix Pivec, Sky Solbach, Moe Goold, Dreu Bevis and more to locations such as WA, Indo, Hawaii and Cape Hatteras. The main riding action is waves, with Sky Solbach's massive back-side airs and Dreu Bevis's powerful combos in thick, heavy WA slabs being the pick of the bunch. A lot has been made of Dreu since his stellar performance at last year's PKRA wave championships in Chile, and from the evidence in this video, it's clear why.
As a statement of wave riding achievements in the last year it's pretty-much there. The freestyle sections are good, but dare I say there's evidence of a noticeable gap now appearing in movies that feature the progressive talents of the likes of Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten who are taking that side of the sport to the heavens and beyond. Andre Phillip can still mix up a great section though and along with others at Real Kiteboarding's Triple S event they make a lively chapter, but lack the wow factor that few at the top of the PKRA talent crop are putting out.
Lines is a laid back watch with an Endless Summer good time vibe. JB's intention of filling the movie with images and feelings of what it is to be a kiteboarder has been achieved, and if you're a DVD collector, this should be on your shelf.

Lines was featured in Issue #33.
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Added: 2008-09-16

Category: Gear

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