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Kitesurfing The Complete GuideBuy NowKITESURFING: THE COMPLETE GUIDE
BY: Kristin Boese and Christian Spreckels
WORDS ? Seb Hempstead

Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide is put together by Kristin Boese and Christian Spreckels and brings together the teaching of practical riding skills with a sports science approach. Kristin has been a world champion seven times and Christian has a sports science, coaching and lecturing background.

And we're straight into the science and come across the word 'Funktionlust' in the early stages of the 168 page book; you know you're reading something a little different! The guide is unlike any kiteboarding book with the early pages reading very much like an educational text book with sports science references and some in-depth views into sports performance in relation to kiting.

The core of the guide is built around the concept of mental imaging (thinking through a trick on the beach before you attempt it on the water) and each trick includes key points for imaging.

Tricks are grouped similar to our own Motor Drive Projects - to get to a board-off you start with a chop hop, move on through jumping and kite steering, jumping into switch, jumping from toe-side, tail grabs, one footers and finally, the board-off. It means that you find a couple of tricks in unexpected places, but it does make sense. Every trick is illustrated with a photo sequence, making it easy to see what's happening at each stage ? something that we haven't seen outside of magazines before, and works really well. The science sections at the beginning are an acquired taste, but the real strength of the guide is in its comprehensive coverage of a huge number of tricks; it takes you from the basics through to kite loops and handle-passes in a logical and well thought-out structure and the combination of the images, the layout and the mental imaging approach should work well for a lot of riders looking to learn new tricks, whatever their level.

The guide also covers everything from warm-ups to exercises to support your training and an introduction to wave riding.

Oh, and if you're wondering, 'funktionlust' in layman's terms is, 'Man's pleasure in functioning is satisfied when the body functions in harmony with its physical and sensory potential'. And I think we all lust for some of that action, don't we?

Kitesurfing - The Complete Guide was featured in Issue #33.

Added: 2008-09-16

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