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WORDS - Jim Gaunt

This book contains 352 pages all about a system developed by John Holzhall that he likes to call, Kiteboarding International Training Evaluation. He states that this book isn't an overview of kiteboarding or history of the sport, but that it details the most efficient path towards expert riding.
John has been an instructor since year dot in kiteboarding and firmly believes that the best way to get into the sport is by removing all complications to begin with. It seems these complications lie with the lines, as to begin with they're nowhere to be seen. Instead he instigates learning with handles attached directly to the kite to get the feel for the power and working of the wind. Sounds like a pretty good plan as it's possible to be up and riding on a very big board within the first hour. The idea then is that as the student progresses and gains confidence, lines can steadily be introduced, and then progressively lengthened in intervals. Think about it ? no more hazardous bodydraggings and white knuckle rides. Interesting.
The rest of the book contains pretty much everything you'd need to know as a beginner progressing through the learning stages. With a long teaching history, John's taken into account all the little questions he's been asked and included them somewhere in the book. Moving on, there are sections that will take you through riding in the pack, boosting and onto becoming a good, safe intermediate rider and goes on to introduce the theory behind kite loops, wave riding and more. Kites Method is a bit more like your old headmaster than your modern student teachers, taking in each little lesson along the way and developing it in detail. There's plenty of bits you're going to skip over, but somewhere in there you'll find what you're looking for.


Kites Method was featured in Issue #24.

Added: 2008-09-18

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