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North Dyno 15M (2012)

THE HYPE: The Dyno stretches the boundaries of what was thought to be possible with light wind inflatable kites. Utilising the highest quality, lightweight fabrics the Dyno flies in super light wind andcreates more efficient power...

North Dyno 15M (2012)

Slingshot Turbine 17M (2012)

THE HYPE: If you want to have fun on the water in five or six knots, it's important that your gear is light. Slingshot introduced a new bladder material on the Turbine that is 25% lighter and they have also reduced the leading edg...

Slingshot Turbine 17M (20

F-one Bandit 5 14M (2012)

THE HYPE: The Bandit is the main kite offering in F-One's line-up and designed to be the best kite for each discipline and style of rider, from the beginner to the pro athlete. Continuing from the Bandit 4, the aim was to further ...

F-one Bandit 5 14M (2012)

Epic Renegade Infinity V2 (2012)

THE HYPE: The Infinity proved to be Epic's most popular model last year and they reported that riders all over the world were enjoying riding in light winds that would have otherwise cancelled sessions. The original Infinity was s...

Epic Renegade Infinity V2

Takoon Reflex 9m (2012)

THE HYPE: The Reflex kite is a high-quality hybrid C shape all round kite designed by Herve Bouré.Improvements have been made to bar pressure, turning ability and relaunch in the bigger sizes and across the range the kite offers a...

Takoon Reflex 9m (2012)

Starkites Taina 9m (2012)

THE HYPE: The Taina is for riders who demand performance over the broadest range of conditions. However, due to its incredible turning speed, grunt and depower, this kite is more specifically a dream for wave riders. The Taina rea...

Starkites Taina 9m (2012)

Ozone Edge 9m (2012)

THE HYPE: The Edge has easily proven its pedigree over the past three seasons as the kite to own if you are searching for ultimate performance. Designer Robbie Whittall has worked his magic to design what is the undisputed champio...

Ozone Edge 9m (2012)

Liquid Force Envy 7m (2012)

THE HYPE: Rock solid stability, directional float, pivotal turning and effortless re-launch highlight the Envy's 'beyond delta' design for all around performance. This ultra lightweight three-strut platform gives light, responsive...

Liquid Force Envy 7m (201

Flexfoil Hadlow ID 8m (2012)

THE HYPE: Eleven years ago Aaron Hadlow started a kitesurfing journey with Flexifoil. He decided he wanted to be at the top and he went there. He showed the world his character and proved who he was. Now he shares that journey wit...

Flexfoil Hadlow ID 8m (20

Cabrinha Nomad 9m (2012)

THE HYPE: In 2012 the Nomad kite gets further refined in the freestyle department. Cabrinha wanted to take its landmark turning speeds and unhooked abilities one step further. The result is a highly-tuned kite that keeps its forwa...

Cabrinha Nomad 9m (2012)
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