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Naish Torch 3 9m (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:The usual high standard of accessories, fixtures and fitting from Naish accompanied by one of the most accomplished, stable and responsive wings on the market. Neat, tidy, friendly and yet, fierce.MANUFACTURER'S ...

Naish Torch 3 9m (2007)

Liquid Force Assault 12m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:This was the biggest of the bow kites we had and unfortunately two of the three days we were testing them was spent at the top end of the smaller kites' ranges. A 12 was too much. It did go brilliantly in the lig...

Liquid Force Assault 12m

Airush Halo 7m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Has a light bar pressure for a pulley bar system, but as a result the stability suffers - as seems to be the case with the heavy steering = stability relationship. The bar is nice and simple and the quick release...

Airush Halo 7m (2006)

Cabrinha Switchblade 9m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Really nice bar but shame about the stopper - as for most of these kites, it isn't that reliable. This kite is really heavy onthe arms, but as a result is stable, powerful and punchy with great hang time. The 9 f...

Cabrinha Switchblade 9m (

Globerider Sonic 8m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A fantastic kite for beginners and experienced riders alike thanks to its simplicity. Really light on the bar as there are no pulleys, but the kite isn't as steady as some of the flatter pulley kites. The depower...

Globerider Sonic 8m (2006

Naish Shockwave 9m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Nice refined bar, but as with most pulley bars it has lots of toggles dangling in front of your eye line and feels heavy. It's a super-stable kite that turns really smoothly. This steadiness and stability means t...

Naish Shockwave 9m (2006)

Slingshot Turbo Diesel 10m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:With the 2:1 depower it isn't too heavy on the arms and turns really nicely. Excellent bar system with easy trimming and suicide leash attachment. The centre lines that run through the cleat did look a little wor...

Slingshot Turbo Diesel 10

Peter Lynn Venom 2 13m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:If you've never flown an arc design before you'll be pleasantly surprised. This kite really can fly itself. We still can't quite get our heads round how good that is. Think of all the times your kite runs away fr...

Peter Lynn Venom 2 13m (2

North Rhino 14m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A change in character for the Rhino which was very popular. Much more feline than wild animal now, and North have come up with a real gem for fast riders who want a kite that's going to behave, be quick and respo...

North Rhino 14m (2006)

Naish Raven 14m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:This falls into the higher aspect category of kite offering constant power, good response to rider input, is quick to powerup in light winds but can also be a bit of a handful. Good for the heavier rider that nee...

Naish Raven 14m (2006)
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Blade Trigger 9m
Blade Trigger 9m

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