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Airush Varial X Test 10m 2014

The design changes this year have been considerable, most notably moving from five to three struts, so this isn't just a re-tweak and we were interested to see how the cake came out.

Airush Varial X Test 10m

Slingshot Rally 12m (2014)

The test team get their hands on the first in what looks to be a long line of excellent 2014 gear, starting this issue with a few weeks spent thrashing the Slingshot Rally

Slingshot Rally 12m (2014

Airush Lithium Zero 18m (2013)

This and the Sector in six knots are a match made in heaven and we heard ourselves telling people that we couldn't believe that we were actually going really fast in six knots. They must have thought we were talking cobblers.

Airush Lithium Zero 18m (

Slingshot Turbine 17 (2013)

Whether you are a budding racer or light wind freestyler, this kite gets you out early and actually flies and feels like a much smaller kite. The performance and usability of light wind riding has just been stepped up a level.

Slingshot Turbine 17 (201

Airush Varial-X 9 & 6M (2013)

THE HYPE: Introducing the SL-C concept. The Varial X is known for C-kite performance on a four line high depower platform; the SL-C has been designed with a C shape arc outline for direct response and great unhooking characteristi...

Airush Varial-X 9 & 6M (2

Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013)

THE HYPE: The 50Fifty is a hybrid C kite featuring the advantages of both C-shape and bow types. Built with a super fast, thin profile, there's a floating strut in the centre of the kite, not reducing weight in the kite, but also ...

Nobile 50Fifty 7m (2013)

Ozone Catalyst 10m (2013)

THE HYPE: Producing a kite as versatile as the new Ozone Catalyst is no easy task as the kite feels and performs equally well in all sizes and aspects of kitesurfing. Although a complete redesign, Ozone have retained the essence o...

Ozone Catalyst 10m (2013)

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 7m (2013)

 THE HYPE: The Prodigy is Ocean Rodeo's all-terrain model; their simplest, easiest kite, perfect for riders looking for one set-up for all riding styles and pursuits. The Prodigy's three strut design is ultra stable and can handle...

Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 7m (2

Naish Park 7m (2013)

THE HYPE: The Park's three-strut design and Swept Compact C outline results in a very stable and responsive kite. The powerful profile and leading edge provide the rider with good low-end power and consistent pull over a wide rang...

Naish Park 7m (2013)

Cabrinha Switchblade 7m (2013)

THE HYPE: There are very few cases in the world of kite design where high performance and ease-of-use collide. The Switchblade is just one of those rare cases and Cabrinha tag this as the world's premier wake-style kite, (until re...

Cabrinha Switchblade 7m (
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Airush The Slayer
Airush The Slayer

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Ozone Catalyst 10m
Ozone Catalyst 10m

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