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Gin Zulu 9m (2008)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 18 ? 30 knots THE HYPE:The Zulu is Gin's 4-line SLE kite, offering an amazing lowend with lots of ground pull, combining fluid turningperformance with a high-depower SLE set-up. Notable features include;...

Gin Zulu 9m (2008)

Liquid Force Session 9m (2008)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 15 ? 25 knots THE HYPE:The Session is LF's all-round freeride kite for water, waves and snow and was their newest SLE for 2008. Modelled after the Havoc, the Session is a little flatter with 15% more dep...

Liquid Force Session 9m (

Eclipse Thruster 10m (2008)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 18 ? 30 knots THE HYPE:The Thruster is Eclipse's competition-ready hybrid kite that feels personal right out of the bag. You will feel like Superman when you tap the Thruster's insane air-time and glidin...

Eclipse Thruster 10m (200

North Rebel 12m (2009)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 18 ? 30+ knots THE HYPE:The 2009 Rebel is bashing down the barriers of freeriding and surfing! The clean, simple 5-line design delivers smooth, reactive steering, extreme resistance to back-stalling when...

North Rebel 12m (2009)

Cabrinha Crossbow 10m (2009)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 18 - 30+ knots THE HYPE:The Cabrinha Crossbow IDS launches Cabrinha's pin-up kitemodel into an entirely new era of performance freeriding by raising the standard of kite control and handling yet again. A...

Cabrinha Crossbow 10m (20

F-One Bandit Dos 10m (2009)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 18 ? 30 knots THE HYPE:The Delta C shape is a concept developed and patented by F-One, and has proved reliable in all disciplines and for all levels of kiting. This single design is the solution for all ...

F-One Bandit Dos 10m (200

Best Nemesis 12m (2009)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Day 1: 14 ? 18 knots. Day 2: 16 ? 22 knots THE HYPE:The 2009 Nemesis HP provides the perfect balance between C kite responsiveness and SLE performance, making it an unbeatable choice for both big air and big s...

Best Nemesis 12m (2009)

Flysurfer psycho 4 10m (2009)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 18 ? 30 knots THE HYPE:The Psycho 4 is brand new and has very trick 'triple depower' technology. Combining three characteristics to maximise the depower effect: the angle-of-attack changes, the projected...

Flysurfer psycho 4 10m (2

North Vegas (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:North say they try and make their kites so they can be used by anyone, but each line has a definite bias towards one style of riding or another. The Vegas is their suped-up new school kite, aimed at the sportive ...

North Vegas (2006)

Ozone Instinct 11m (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY: Simple, easy to use, almost 100% depower (but not quite) and responsive enough to keep everyone happy. It doesn't have the raw power of some of the bar pulley style bows, but it more than makes up for it on cont...

Ozone Instinct 11m (2006)
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