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Airush Vapor 3 10m (2009)

THE HYPE: The third version of the Vapor is a fully refined performance freeride and freestyle machine featuring the most positive steering Airush claim to have ever engineered into a high depower kite. Combining roll-over re-laun...

Airush Vapor 3 10m (2009)

Ozone 9m Instinct Sport 3 (2009)

THE HYPE: For 2009 the Instinct line up features three models to satisfy all levels and riding requirements. A new tip profile appears after the design team worked on giving the rider more feeling through the bar. The new control ...

Ozone 9m Instinct Sport 3

Royal Era 09 10m (2009)

THE HYPE: The jewel in Royal's kite crown and carrying the heritage of 2008 forward is the 2009 Era, maintaining great power and grunt with improved turning speed and bar feeling. More depower and a new bridle complete the improve...

Royal Era 09 10m (2009)

North Vegas 09 9m (2009)

THE HYPE:For 2009 North have completely re-worked the Vegas to cover a wider range of conditions and riding styles. A slightly lower-aspect-ratio and wider wing-tips have been implemented for a very constant pull, extremely tight ...

North Vegas 09 9m (2009)

Eclipse Thruster 12m (2009)

THE HYPE: The Thruster is Eclipse's competition-ready hybrid kite that feels personal right out of the bag. Dimitri Maramenides raves: 'You will feel like Superman when you tap the Thruster's insane airtime and gliding ability. At...

Eclipse Thruster 12m (200

Best Waroo 09 9m (2009)

THE HYPE: The Waroo returns as Best's work-horse kite that will do anything and allow you to ride everywhere. Best claim that it's the ultimate freeride kite, stating that 'The '09 Waroo doesn't just blur the lines between new sch...

Best Waroo 09 9m (2009)

Liquid Force Havoc 3 12m (2009)

THE HYPE: Stacked with advanced performance, ease-of-use, fun and reliability, the LF 2009 Havoc generation 3 is tuned, evolved and bang up-to-date as a 4-line SLE freeride/performance kite that sets new standards in design, feel ...

Liquid Force Havoc 3 12m

Naish Helix 9m Test (2009)

THE HYPE: The Helix returns to the Naish line-up in name only for 2009. The kite has been completely redesigned to clearly set it aside as Naish's top end, all-terrain performance kite. The outline makes the kite incredibly quick ...

Naish Helix 9m Test (2009

2009 RRD Obsession 9m (2009)

THE HYPE: 'All you need is a miracle.' professes Roberto Ricci when we catch him on the phone from the sun lounger by the pool of his lakeside mansion. The reflection coming from his gold rimmed Ray Bans glint with the image of a ...

2009 RRD Obsession 9m (20

Latitude 10m (2008)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty 15 ? 25 knots THE HYPE:The SLE Latitude hybrid is designed for riders with beginner to intermediate skills who enjoy a freeride style. This kite will create smooth traction power no matter how gusty the ...

Latitude 10m (2008)
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