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Kite Basics - Vol 1

BY: Visual Performers
RUNNING TIME: Approximately 70 minutes
WORDS: Sandra Davidson
This DVD just landed on my desk 'out of the blue'. To be honest we hadn't heard of it before it materialised from across the water. And that's a pity because this is a very good, well produced instructional DVD. But we've seen it now... and can let everyone else in on this little-known training programme from Holland.
The narration is in English and explains everything in easy to follow steps with that kind of Jaymsh Bond / Sean Connery pronunciation of English that I just love so much about our Dutch friends. It has a really light and airy feel to it and is easy to watch. I found myself totally sucked into the 70 minutes of instruction and it wasn't just the fact that I was drooling over white sand and turquoise blue water; it all flows by very quickly. I know this is an instructional, but a little light relief on the eye sockets is always good, especially in a wet and grey England.
It's filmed in Hurghada and Safaga in Egypt and Combuco and Fortim in Brazil, some of the best places in the world to begin and improve in this wildly head-explodingly frustrating sport for a beginner. I was inspired...
Prepared by a certified IKO instructor, the first two thirds of the programme takes you as far as waterstarts, with the final third explaining right of way, kite and board speed, first jumps and self-rescue among others.
A serious hit for me were the 3D animations that enable you to view positions and movements of the kite from every possible angle. To see these angles and what effect they have on the kite from this perspective was like having a Eureka moment. They stay clearly in your head and, I reckon if I watch this DVD just before hitting the water again, they may stay there and not get washed away seemingly like the rest of my brain cells when standing on the water's edge like a rabbit in the headlights.
Well the tables are about to be turned. On the rear of the DVD, Ruben Lenten quotes "State of the art! A cool way to learn the basics!" See for yourself...

Kie Basics Vol 1 was featured in Issue #25.

Added: 2008-09-17

Category: Gear

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