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KC Tarifa 140 (2007)

The Kiteboarding Company's boards are all hand-made in Tarifa, the home of some of the most regular 'real world' testing conditions in the world. Constructed with a wood core and carbon stringer to control longitudinal flex, ABS rails and dolled up with Da Kine straps and pads, they've certainly got the bling going on. Plastic PBT systems on the top and bottom make sure it's street tough, too.

WILL: Looks great and definitely has that hand-made feel. The finish is pretty special and you can see it's different from the factory boards.
ALEX: Yeah, nice, shiny paint-job makes it stand out in the water. A cool looking board that you wouldn't want to run up the beach too many times.
TIM: I really like the graphics on this board, and in bright yellow it was always easy to find again after a wipe out.
MIKEY: Those pads and straps are really nice and soft on your feet. When you land your jumps your heels don't dig in to the straps or anything. It was really nice when you dug the rail in - it would really lock in.
WILL: Yeah it would really bite then drive you upwind, even the heavier riders didn't have a problem.
TIM: Going upwind was easy, which was good as this was the smallest board in the test. It was almost like bare foot kitesurfing! Great fun and you could point it in any direction and still ride without fear of catching an edge. In the air it was so light and small that it was like having nothing on your feet.
ALEX: It was a smooth ride. I liked everything about this board really; good ride, comfortable, good performance, great carving and really nicely kitted out with all the fixtures and fittings, like G-10 fins. As Mikey said, the straps are particularly nice and adjustable and maintained their softness. Normally with the adjustable straps you loose the softness. It's a really accomplished board in the chop. It just deals with it so well.
WILL: Yeah it does feel quite long and thin on your feet, like a more traditional board rather than a lot of the newer boards that are a lot fatter.
ALEX: Looks and rides like someone has put a lot of time and thought into the whole package. It's not a first time board, but if you're into blasting about in good winds on the sea then it'll do everything you ask of it.
TIM: This board is great fun, and I can only imagine how smooth it would have been on flatter water.

This is another board to make you feel good. If you're gonna drop some money on a board it may as well look good under your arm and feel original, and this does. It's a small board and has a nice small board feel in the air for control and for general riding, which is nice, but also its size doesn't have any negative effect on its upwind ability or planing. Possibly a little small for aggressive pop qualities, but this is a real fast cruiser for blasting over chop and boosting off ramps, in comfort.



This test is inissue #28

Kiteboarding Company Tarifa 140
Kiteboarding Company Tarifa 140
Kiteboarding Company Tarifa 140

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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