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JN Wild Thing 2 13m (2008)

The kite is based on a new hybrid construction that combines the maximum power development and increased depower abilities of a bow-kite with the advantages of the best C kites; direct steering and minimum usage of lines. When depowering the kite, the profile, the centre of gravity and the structure are designed in a way that allows the kite to fly very fast to the zenith but with less pull. Powering the kite, the WT2 shows the same amazing pull and has an optional bridle-system on the front tube that will offer easy handling to obtain the perfect speed you need for jumps and tricks. Six and eight metres sized prototypes are available as limited editions as uncompromising speed kites.
JN have gone for quite a chunky feeling bar, with a bigger girth if you like, than any others we've seen. The chicken-loop release above the chicken-loop is quite a cumbersome affair and made of metal with a spring action. Goes back together well but to release it requires a pull down action, which when hooking back in from being unhooked could be prone to release if you're not careful. There is a second more standard loop-pull release on the chicken-loop itself, so there's no shortage of safety. The kite felt good, and while it didn't feel like anything new or dramatically different it was the only kite that we could comfortably boost on in the lighter winds. Definitely looks and feels like a C kite but it shouldn't be ruled out for early intermediates because of its simple application and constant pull in light winds; dip the kite, park it and go without having to worry about trimming. In the hands of more experienced riders, it's incredibly pokey, packed with boost was quick for a 13 metre and will have its followers, who are into this C kite feeling.
10, 13, 16 and 19.5m

This test is in issue #29

J & N Wild Thing 2 13m
J & N Wild Thing 2 13m
J & N Wild Thing 2 13m

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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