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JN Storyboard (2011)

The Storyboard fits all freeride and freestyle conditions. A small rocker promotes early planing and will shoot you upwind. The edge is easy to hold when overpowered and finding the right pop for your first jump is a breeze. Although JN pro-riders Leander Vyvey and Michael Schitzhofer use the Storyboard for their tricks, new kitesurfers will also find it very easy to control with the flexible tips helping control and pop. The wood core gives the board strength and stability. If you want a comfortable freeride board with no freestyle limits that looks that little bit different, don't look any further.
The Storyboard is a tried and tested shape ? thin rails, flat rocker line, fairly stiff throughout and with some flex in the tips. The step down rails are perhaps a little retro now, but before even getting on it this is one of those boards that we were pretty sure would do the job. It's a good looking board too. We liked the detail in the graphics and the board feels very robust.
The Storyboard packs a lot of performance. As it's stiff and with a small amount of rocker, it generates good speed and pop. You also get a good connection to the water as all those stiff qualities make the board feel very responsive. This feeling would be even better on flat water, but in the chop we did feel the lumps and bumps, so be prepared for a bumpier ride than something with a bigger concave in it. This was a bit more like it had sportsbike suspension. If you're a bit weak in the knees or like to go out and cruise comfortably, you will probably want something that provides a bit softer ride than this. Grippy and with good drive, it's feels quick across the water. The only let down we found were the pads and straps, which were a bit less grippy than we expected, although they were soft and comfortable.
Fundamentally, this is a lovely twin-tip. If you want a tough, stiff, fast freestyle board that can also handle chop when you have to without tripping up, then this is great. Just be prepared for a bumpier ride than something with a bigger concave in it.
Tough enough to last and loads of good pop for freestyle.
Increase the foot purchase in the pads.


139 x 43, 136 x 42 and 133 x 41cm


This test is inissue #52

JN Storyboard
JN Storyboard
JN Storyboard

Added: 2011-07-25

Category: Gear

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