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JN Prima Donna 9m (2008)

The Prima Donna 2 is a dedicated freestyle and powerful wave kite built to live up to all expectations. Constant pull and a steady position in the wind window make it easier to learn new tricks and to wave ride. Even when fully depowered, the steering remains sensitive to rider input and the kite, stable. JN's hybrid kite design has no bridles, a wider depower range, rounded tips, auto-stability and straight lines; essential features of this modern wave and freestyle kite. With both a low wind and a high wind setting option, riders can make the most of the widest reasonable wind range. The kite's adjustable, exactly trimmed fifth line is a must for safety and is also a handy means for a quick and easy re-launch.
NEAL: The struts are very skinny on this five line, seven strutted C-shaped hybrid kite indicating it's very efficient in the sky. No one pump, but I like the simple high wind/low wind connectors.
CHRIS: It's comfortable in its handling, is nice and fast and turns well. It is very smooth and it is nice for unhooking and doesn't pull your arms off. The power fades quite quickly unhooked, so you have to be quick to get the most from the pop. I like the cleat above the bar.
NEAL: Still looks very, very C like for a hybrid and there are no bridles, and like a high aspect C kite it is very responsive, turns well but you have to set it on the low wind setting for best handling. The turning is instant and the feedback is positive but the way it dishes out the power could be a bit softer I reckon, but a lot of people will like that explosive power.
CHRIS: Smooth kite and does the job for me. Not the best boosting kite, but not bad, and because the input through the bar is so good you can switch off and think about your riding. The kite is very quick and smooth, I just think it loses its power quite quickly. Not the most constantly grunty of kites, and that's all about personal preference, but it behaves itself and kite loops well. Hooked-in is very comfortable, predictable and with a good constant turning speed.
Stable, solid and predictable. There are more forgiving kites out there for the beginner/intermediate market, but that's not where this kite is aimed. Not the highestperforming freestyle kite, but with good speed, feedback through the bar and stable levels of comfort, it has ample capabilities to fulfil a lot of riders' needs.
7, 9, 11, 13 and 15m

This test is inissue #33

JN - Prima Donna
JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donna

JN - Prima Donnav
JN - Prima Donna

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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