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JN Prima Donna 10m (2011)


JN is proud to present the ultimate C-shaped kite in its fourth generation. At such a highly developed stage, little refinements make a big difference. Therefore JN focussed on perfection of the already legendary freestyler. Double seams, use of proven materials, durable Kevlar reinforcements and sophisticated material combinations all combine to provide JN's legendary high end manufacturing process. Kite profiles are individually adapted to the different wind speeds, making each kite size unique and specifically designed for its range. JN's floating batten technology (FBT) allows the profile to adapt itself to current winds, balancing out gusts or increasing winds, extending the wind range. The perfect round arc leading edge reduces performance-inhibiting air turbulences, which lead to optimised and dynamic flying characteristics. A new, huge range of sizes makes it easier for all disciplines, genders and weights of rider to tailor their perfect quiver at all wind speeds.


We've looked forward to the annual Prima Donna test for the last few years now as they are always quite unusual and refreshing kites to fly. They definitely have their own, interesting and involving personality. This fourth version sits in the sky with purpose and, as soon as you put it up you know it's got some beans packed in. It's very direct; very C kite like in the way it feels at the bar and the way it turns, muscling its way through the wind window. It doesn't sit too fat back in the window but it has lots of drive and you really feel like there's plenty of horse power built-in. That really translates down at the bar and we couldn't help but smile as the power gets fed through. Not in a brutal way, but just really positively and quickly. The natural turn of the kite is wonderful and with power. You can make it turn really tightly, but the natural arc is charged with energy. Jumping and looping on it is a lot of fun and you have to be alive to it. Unhooked it sits nicely in the middle of the window generating a lot of pop. It is a five line kite, so aside from the obvious safety benefits, if you mess up a lot of tricks you do run the risk of the kite occasionally getting tied up when it tries to roll through itself and relaunching is obviously by adhering to the five line relaunch procedure rather than just tugging an outside line.
Seasoned kitesurfers that like to throw a lot of stuff are going to really enjoy this kite. If you're looking for a kite that will wake you up in the morning with a heap of attitude, this is it. But it's definitely not for everyone. Beginners and intermediates will need a more forgiving, rounded kite. This is for people who crave more revs and that C kite feel but still with plenty of depower at the bar.
Incredible direct feeling and the exciting super-charged handling. The instant power is lovely.
For a kite designed to be given a lot of hard abuse, we'd maybe reinforce it a bit more.


14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6m


This test is inissue #52

JN Prima Donna
JN Prima Donna
JN Prima Donna
JN Prima Donna
JN Prima Donna

Added: 2011-07-21

Category: Gear

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