Home Gear Jimmy Lewis Surf 6' 0" (2007)

Jimmy Lewis Surf 6' 0" (2007)

Really good drive with plenty of forgiveness when you're making mistakes, either with your kite or misplacing your weight during turns. Learning to ride a surfboard with a kite can be frustrating to begin with, but at least with this you'll be up and running early. Probably not your high wind surfboard, but no one really had a bad word to say about this.
More and more riders are carrying surfboards as a dedicated part of their kiteboard arsenal. The JL Surfs are true thruster shapes from a true shaping master, constructed in a durable/light epoxy sandwich to handle the abuse of kitesurfing. The JL Surfs can be ridden strapless or with two symmetrical JL foot straps. The 5'8 and 6'0 can be surfed when other people think the winds are too light to kite.
ANDY: Too big for my liking because I'm small, but a perfect first surfboard I'd say. Planes easily and is just very cruisy. Not so good down-the-line and not snappy, just gentle and flatters your riding.
CHRIS: Very user-friendly: soft, smooth, wide... great for the small onshore conditions we had here in Ireland.
RICHARD: There's a lot of volume packed in there so it gets planing very early and floats out over the waves with very little power. You can tell Jimmy's got lots of shaping experience - it is the biggest board on test and even looks big, but it is so smooth and easy. The turns aren't snappy, but they are smooth and forgiving.
KIRSTY: Definitely a good lightwind wave board. It is a little bit harder to turn, but if you put a bit more pressure on the back foot then it turns really well. I surf a longboard a lot and really like having to commit to the turn and drive through it. Boards like that give you much more room for error, too. Don't know what it would be like in more powerful or offshore conditions, but for side-shore/onshore conditions, it's great.
RICHARD: Would be great for floating out and riding some good waves. If you're under 85kilos and want something for a bit higher winds, maybe look at the smaller sizes.
5' 2" x 17.4"
5' 8" x 18.5"
6' 0" x 20.0"

This test is inissue #24

Jimmy Lewis Surf 6' 0
Jimmy Lewis Surf 6' 0

Added: 2007-05-31

Category: Gear

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