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Jimmy Lewis 137 Rad-F (2007)

Although the top end of the sport has progressed to unhooked, incredibly technical freestyle, the majority of us are still revelling in the feelings from big air. If you want to be the fastest on the beach, boost huge and are looking to spend your dough on somert nice, then Jimmy will do you proud. Just go easy riding backwards.
When waves become your focal point, the Rad-F directional twin offers true surf handling and upwind ease. Not just for surfers, the Rad-F has gained respect as the ride for gusty winds and challenging waters and almost feels like a true twin in reverse.
NEAL: It's got pop and does all the things that you don't get from a surfboard really well! When you get it on a wave it's like riding a twin-tip, though. It doesn't have any drive. If you dive the kite and let it pull you into a turn then it holds its rail and does stuff, but you have to be lit in that older style of riding with perfect kite handling. The only big turns you get are when you shove a twin-tip rail into a lip with a fully lit kite going the other way, so you chuck up loads of spray.
GEORGE: As a mutant goes you could ride it both ways; it gives you upwind grip and it is great for doing tricks, but it's in the wrong place here in a wave test. Outside of these wave test parameters, though, it's an electric and fast board.
NEAL: Yeah, nice board, just not a solid wave board.
WILL: With that big concave in the bottom it really does cling to the water. I did some massive boosts on that. Haven't done those for ages!
GEORGE: It was the only board that I really wanted to try some big freestyle on. It is really, really good for jumping.
NEAL: If you go super-quick with those fins at the back to hold the power so you don't spin out, and then send the kite against that razor sharp edge, you go insanely high.
WILL: When we did that downwinder I jumped all the way home!
NEAL: Not the easiest to ride backwards, though, as it is short and the fins at the back are quite big. You have to be careful. However, combine that with a hybrid kite and you'll have mental issues with how fast and how high you go before that board reaches its limits.
132 x 38
137 x 39.7
142 x 40.6 cm

This test is inissue #25

Jimmy Lewis 137 Rad-F
Jimmy Lewis 137 Rad-F
Jimmy Lewis 137 Rad-F

Added: 2008-08-01

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