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Jimmy Lewis Domatrix-Concave Kiteboard

The Dominatrix concave, that's become hugely popular on many of today's kiteboards, was invented by Jimmy Lewis and provides perverse levels of control. His hand-shaped rails and high-gloss automotive finish create unmatched speed and comfort; once you see one in person, you'll begin to understand.
Four twin-tip ranges are on offer for '09. The Model 3 is for those looking for maximum performance in all conditions; the Super Model for flat water, wake and freestyle victims; the Park contains a Formica base for protection against kickers and sliders and the Flight Deck is fully programmed for excelling in light wind performance.

MODEL 3 SIZES: 145 x XX, 139 x XX, 133 x XX and 125 x Xxcm
SUPER MODEL SIZES: 140 x XX, 135 x XX and 130 x XXcm
PARK SIZES: 142 x XX, 136 x XX and 128 x XXcm
FLIGHT DECK: 147 x XX cm
Jimmy Lewis Domatrix-Concave Kiteboard

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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