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By CineForce Films
WORDS - Sandra Davidson
Everybody goes to Hollywood. But in this gilm, Hollywood comes to kiteboarding. It was an ambitious decision to use three directors (one an Emmy award winner no less), and filming in 35mm, 16mm and DV formats certainly gives this film a production quality in keeping with its silver-screen promise.
So what did Hollywood bring to the table? Beauty, of course! Based at Paul Menta's Kitehouse in Puerto Rico and filmed in the pristine waters around La Parguera, this is a kiter's idea of heaven. And if you haven't fallen in love with this spot by the end of the film, (which by the way Paul's opened to the public!) then by God you're hard-boiled!
But let's get down to it: is this a roots-based film full of gritty action and jaw dropping tricks? Not exactly. The closing line on the blurb on the back of the DVD case reads, "Into the Air is a truly exhilarating and groundbreaking film that will leave you wanting to try kiteboarding for yourself." Picture the cast of The OC or Dawson's Creek ripping across the crystal clear waters and waxing lyrical about how rad it was. OK, it's hardly an accurate account of the gruff, earthy cross-section of kiteboarders that I know, but I guess by the same token, old 'Beardy John' from our way isn't exactly the ideal candidate to sell kiteboarding to the masses either. So on behalf of the unbeautiful people, we forgive you!
Take each day as it comes. The past has gone. Tomorrow is yet to come. Today is here and now. Mottos for any of us, in any place we are in our lives or in any place we live.
Without getting any more poetical and astral than the movie itself, this is a film that makes you think, (although at times about what you've got in the oven during some of the lengthy 'arty' sections) however hard you try not to.
If you have never seen kitesurfing before (unlikely considering the magazine in your hands) or more likely know someone who hasn't and doesn't quite get it (we all do), this film is for them. The profiled group of almost exclusively US-based riders, including Damien Leroy, Andy Hurdman, Bri Chmel and Jason Slezak, do indeed have a passion for their sport, and their backgrounds and personalities are incorporated into the film. And where my kiting has been likened to a crab on speed, these guys have an amazing talent for the sport, and the action is skillfully and beautifully filmed to portray the excitement and the fire in the belly that kiting eventually, in one way or another, brings to us all.
Will this film reach its goal of bringing kiteboarding to the mainstream? If the mainstream have enough wedge to actually buy into this apparently exclusively serene world we call kiteboarding, Cine Force films may just be able to slip one through the keeper's legs into the back of the net.

Into The Air was featured in Issue # 20.
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Added: 2008-09-19

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