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How to Snowkite - Vol1

How to Snowkite Vol 1Buy NowHOW TO SNOWKITE VOL 1
BY: Snowkitefilm.com
RUNNING TIME: Approx: 120 mins
LANGUAGES: English and Norwegian
WORDS ? Seb Hempstead
It's funny, when I announced to my mates that I was heading off snowkiting and that I'd never ridden a snowboard before the differences in their reaction was telling. The kitesurfers thought nothing of it but had tonnes of questions about kit, kites, conditions and technique. The skiers and snowboarders said I was going to die ? they just couldn't see it how it would be possible to move straight into such a crazy looking sport.
Snowkitefilm's new How to Snowkite instructional is aimed at addressing the queries of both groups of boarders. As an experienced kiteboarder, the principles of kite flying are nothing new but it was useful to understand them from a snow perspective. If you're a newbie to kitesports, the DVD covers everything that you would need to know to support lessons taken.
Just knowing where to start with the kit was something I was unsure of, but handily we're guided from back protectors through to boards and bindings, covering everything you need to buy, beg, steal or borrow. Sections on kite choice are both really useful and interesting and for those of you out there that haven't used a foil since learning, the section on foil kites is particularly useful.
As well as running through kit, kite selection and kite dynamics the DVD takes you through the differing riding options in snowkiting, including back country and free riding as well as expedition riding. I was glad that this volume hadn't raced ahead into freestyle tricks and the makers had taken the time to show the full range of riding opportunities available. Watching how to ride up, down or even off hills certainly got the imagination fired up.
The DVD ends with jumping and again takes you through everything you need to know, leaving those that are ready to get inverted over snow hanging out for the next instalment in Volume 2.
All in all the DVD is comprehensive and relevant to both non-kiters and kiteboarders taking their first snowkite trip. All that remains now is to see if I can balance the expectations of my mates, get this nailed pretty quickly and come home in one piece!

How to Snowkite Vol 1 was featured in Issue #32.
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Added: 2008-09-17

Category: Gear

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