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HangairHangairThis is no ordinary coat hanger! The Hangair Wetsuit Drying System is a wetsuit or general sports gear drier. A powerful 130 cubic-feet-per-minute waterproof fan will power air through the arms and legs of your suit, reducing the drying time by up to 70 per cent over simply hanging it up in your bathroom, annoying the family and allowing it to drip dry. The Hangair is constructed of a very durable Nylon 66 material and is designed to bear the weight of a heavy, wet wetsuit. But the really nifty feature is the two-speed fan control: hit the low speed for a whisper-quiet mode when a quick dry isn't necessary, yet still giving you a nice, fresh wetsuit; and high speed when time is of the essence and maximum airflow is desired. The damp, decomposing skanky wetsuit is no more!
(Issue #24 Dec '06/Jan '07)

Added: 2007-05-09

Category: Gear

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