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Globerider V-Sonic Kite

My auntie always told me that a handsome door deserved a handsome knocker, and the first thing you notice about the V-Sonic is the unique shape of the leading edge.
The low-aspect central region with the long centre strut and high-aspect wing-tips deliver the low-end power of a medium-aspect-ratio kite and upwind efficiency and soaring of a high-aspect-ratio kite in one package. Delivering impressive stability, increased power in light winds and faster turns, the V-Sonic has super-easy relaunch with its unique 'nose' that protrudes from the centre of the leading edge. GK's patented A-KPO bridle lets you change the bridle placement and bar pressure to suit your style while the 'Click 'n' Go' bar has seen some useful improvements for '09.
Chicken-loop safety, simplicity and versatility are of paramount importance to designer, Mat Pendle. To release, simply push forward on the red collar. The depower system is simple, but packed with features. A circle of Spectra line goes from the chicken-loop to the swivel with a short depower strap inline. If you have a short reach, simply slide the circle round so that the strap comes closer. For longer reaches, slide the circle the other way.
Globe are pitching the V-Sonic at riders who want a fast, high-boosting kite with a massive wind range and maximum efficiency in light winds.
SIZES: 17, 14, 11, 8 and 6m

V-Sonic Globerider Kite
V-Sonic Globerider Kite

Added: 2009-04-20

Category: Gear

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