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GK V-Sonic 11m (2008)

The V-Sonic is a 4-line kite with 100 % depower capabilities that come from simply pushing the bar out. The patented bridle system (A-KPO) maintains excellent steering ability even when fully depowered. The V-Sonic strut profile is flat and fast, giving the kite huge boost and upwind performance. The arc of the V-Sonic is very flat, giving it a massive power for size ratio and creating a smaller, faster, more powerful kite. The unique outline shape of the V-Sonic shows a kite with a low aspect (stable, slow and grunty) central region, and fast high-aspect wing-tips where the turning and control takes place. The result is an overall increase in stability, turn speed, wind range and water relaunch. The total wind range is exceptional, but what sets the GK V-Sonic aside from other highperformance kites is the usable wind range. With tight back lines even when depowered, the kite is still responsive in very high winds.

This is a powerful, grunty kite that likes to jump really high.
WILL: It's an absolute hang-time monster.
CHRIS: It performs impeccably ? it's fast through the window, grunty and boosts insanely well. There is goodinput through the bar but it needs some positive pressure to get it to turn. Definitely doesn't have that typical pivotal bow steering and turning, much more gradual; it starts slowly and then really speeds up through the turn.
NEAL: It generates power all the way through the loop.
WILL: It doesn't kite loop really fast ? it drives round generating a load of power. Very C-like in feel.
CHRIS: Yeah, it's an absolute beast unhooked. My arms definitely stretched a couple of inches after riding this out of the hook. The pull unhooked is a full-on downwind drag...which can be nice for really powered wakestyle, but too much of a handful unhooked for most. The feel through the bar is very comfortable ? going in a straight line you can just pull in or sheet out for more or less power/board speed. That's exactly what intermediates are looking for.
WILL: Generally it is a great, fun kite for intermediate to advanced hooked-in riding tricks in a good range of conditions. Very smooth and easy-to-use depower system too, and we should also comment on the ease with which you can put the quick release back together. Definitely one that works on the water. It just all clicks back in nicely. No complaints on the relauch either, just rolls very willingly.
NEAL: It's so floaty, however, because of all its power, I don't think we'll be seeing many women or groms on this. It wasn't the fastest 11 metre, but that's why you get such good boost and grunty kite loops. A heavy rider over 90 kilos is never going to be stood on the beach complaining of not having enough power with this sat in the back of their car. Still plenty of depower though, so if you're not ready for the full power in this animal, you can ease yourself into it.
CHRIS: Bit of a rude boy this one.

If you want a kite with heaps of depower and phenomenal power on tap for boosts, board-offs, transitions and the occasional meaty kite loop, then this is your match.

6, 8, 11, 14 and 17m

Gk - V-Sonic


This test is inissue #33

Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic
Gk - V-Sonic

Added: 2008-08-01

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