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GK Trix Review (2010)

It's not just the KW Test Team that are handy with a review. Here's the thoughts of a local kiter from Florida on the GK Trix:
Just bought a kite from Joe Jamaleddin a couple weeks ago, so I thought I give you guys a little review. Rode it in OBX two days ago at Kite Point...NNE 15-20mph... kinda gusty since it was coming over the dunes. Before I bought this kite, I was considering F-one B3, Wainman Rabbit, North Evo, Airush Lithium... basically I was looking for a delta with a good bottom end and fast turning.
The kite... basically, I love it! This thing turns so fast, but it is not twitchy... you can feel where it is without looking. The bar pressure is fairly light, but you can modify it if you want. I was zipping upwind without a problem compared to guys on bigger or equal size kites... and you guys know I'm kinda big. Jumps really well, but does not boost quite as high as my Nemi... I'm sure a lot of it is skill. Moderate aspect, so it sits back in the window more than my high aspect Nemi... I like the GK better on this... I don't like the kite shooting forward in the window. The depower was great, so any gusts are handled well. The bridle is simple and only has two pulleys per side, and they are higher quality than Best or Slingshot pulleys.
You can ride at the kite without stalling it, which is why I think people who surf with it like it so much. I could steer one handed easily (retrieved a board and a big pool floaty for some people). The relaunch is amazing... the kite will go to the edge of the window for you... just wait and pull up and go.
The bar...very comfortable. I like the depower above the bar, and this system is really good. You can adjust the depower throw easily to match your arm length. The safety release is really nice too. ou could easily put it back together floating along in the water.
I'm going to buy a 9M when my wife lets me... totally a GK convert.
See you guys soon on the water.

Added: 2010-08-09

Category: Gear

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