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Gin Zulu II 11M (2010)

The ZULU II excels in the most extreme moves, while it's easy and forgiving nature does not punish errors. With its C-shape tendencies, a perfect blend of explosiveness and comfort, the ZULU II design comes from a very precise balance of components resulting in a versatility in all disciplines, from freestyle or wave right down to the needs of a beginner. A single-point inflation system keeps things simple and effective and the highest quality of cloth and reinforcements make sure your kite's life is a long one. Gin's metal low friction ring makes pulley breaks or sand wear a thing of the past. The Zulu II bar features a swivel system that automatically untwists the front and safety lines.
Wow, you're not going to miss this kite! It looks pretty lairy in green in the image, but in real life it's very striking. It is also available in white for those not into the green. The Zulu II is very much a modern hybrid kite. Thecentral section of the leading edge is quite flat, but then towards the ends the tips sweep back quite aggressively. The relaunch as a result is very good and the Zulu doesn't turn overly quickly. It's not going to out-run early intermediates, but at the same time advanced riders can have a lot of fun on this when they get dialled in. The hang-time and boost are very good, really holding you up there with loads of float. You really do have to actively redirect it with plenty of input in the bar, but it means that the kite isn't twitchy and you don't lose it in the sky. As it comes back into the power it's very controlled in the way it brings you down for landing. The Zulu has a lot of depower and if you need to ditch the power quickly you can with a quick push-away on the bar. Conversely pulling in hard on the bar doesn't give you a really sharp burst of power. The delivery is very progressive and in general the Zulu is very forgiving in its handling. A very impressive bottom end and top end mean a lot of riders, from beginners to advanced freeriders, are going to get on really well with this. The drive it creates is very smooth and it gets round kite loops very ably without any backstalling. Unhooked performance is good and with a little trimming you can find a nice spot where it'll work well in and out of the loop. It's ideal for learning to unhook on as it doesn't wander all over the window as soon as you unhook, sitting there and letting you get on with it moving nicely forward in the window providing a steady pull.
We could have used this kite all day long and found nothing to complain about really. Sure it's not the most zippy speed machine or full-on tractor for advanced unhooked freestyle, but the average freerider is going to have absolutely nothing to complain about with this kite. It's all there: onepump, excellent build quality, comfortable bar, excellent low end performance, predictable handling, lots of depower, good relaunch, steady pull, reasonable bar pressure, good stability and easy jumps.
KW LIKED: Control, safety and comfort.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Advanced freeriders will want more speed and whip, but intermediates won't.
SIZES: 13, 11, 9, 7 and 5m

This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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