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Gin Nazca 2 15m (2009)

The NAZCA 2 surprises with its smooth and comfortable ride, speed and constant traction, as well as its super-fast turning. A bold, curved leading edge design helps for more efficient power delivery and ease-of-use while seven struts maintain the profile over the high wind range and a tight turn. The board's profile is designed to offer a high wind range and to be able to efficiently create your own apparent wind in the lower wind range. The special Gin touch in the handling of the bar is always light and precise and with the position of your bar you can choose the power during your moves to be strong or very light, but always smooth. All these details have been developed together to produce an intelligent, balanced design that results in the kite feeling fluid, comfortable and lively.
The kite comes in a very robust hiking-style back pack that would definitely double-up as a travel bag, which is a nice touch and first impression. Unravel the kite and everything feels well put together, there's a solid one pump, good grab handles in the middle of the leading edge as well as at the tips, so it's well fitted out with features. Moving down to the bar, we felt it was let down by a tiny chicken-loop. The quick-release is quite a chunky push-away system but is nicely covered by a neoprene cover that slides over it (the system works with the cover over it ? just to clear that up). The bar is comfortable, wellsized and powers and depowers smoothly. The pull-pull webbing trimming system can be adjusted in small increments when depowering, but with a solid pull can go back to full power in one action. There's more gubbins on and around the bar than some of the cleanest systems and make sure you practice deploying the 5th line safety when you first get it to get comfortable with it. It's really simple, but because you leash onto the ring inside the chicken-loop rather than the 5th line itself, which instead attaches to a small metal loop on the outside of the chicken-loop, you just need to get familiar with it. Attaching to the metal loop in the middle is the perfect place for leashing onto for unhooked tricks and you do get good depower when you let go of the bar. In the sky the kite feels nice and lively for a 15 with good low end performance and power delivery. Turning speed is above average for a big kite and sending it for jumps doesn't feel like a cumbersome 15. It definitely likes to travel forward in the window, but maintains grunt, which is important for a big kite. The flying speed is quick and on first goes it was noticeable that everyone put the kite low to the water, dug the edge in and enjoyed a few speed runs! That forward drive meant that upwind tracking was excellent. We think this would be a good racing kite, because of the ability to get forward in the window and drive with good apparent speed, but it also behaves well unhooked because of that and doesn't just drag you like a bull. It instills confidence unhooked because it doesn't run away with you and keeps medium power. Instilling confidence unhooked it's not an explosive unhooked performer though and the downside to unhooking is the small chicken-loop, but as it does have a lovely soft neoprene cover, feels nice in your hands when you have to grab it.
A C kite shape that doesn't handle exactly like a traditional C kite. Sitting much further forward in the window, the Gin provides incredible pace and upwind traction. Steering is fairly direct and light and unhooked it's surprisingly usable for something that has such a fast pedigree, providing more pull than other such forward flying kites. As a 15 metre, you couldn't ask for much more ? good low end, good movement, plenty of lift, pleasant unhooked and incredible generation of board speed.
Overtaking everyone on the water.

Incredibly small chicken-loop.

15, 12, 10, 8 and 7m


Gin Nazca 2
Gin Nazca 2

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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