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Genetrix Origin 7m (2011)

After developing the speed record-breaking Hydra kite, Genetrix worked hard to deliver a new kite for wave riding, freestyle and, ultimately, pure pleasure. The Origin blends smooth handling and instant control while maintaining fast flying characteristics and turning speed. Highly intuitive and responsive, the Origin can pivot on a tight radius with light bar pressure and is easy to control. As with its partner the Hydra, the Origin also delivers an incredible hang-time capability. Not just for hardcore freestylers or dedicated wave riders, the Origin will also satisfy anyone who is in search of a user-friendly kite.
This kite was our first hands-on experience of the Genetrix brand, but after being the first manufacturer to two speed World Record barriers with their Hydra kite in the last two years, we were excited to see what they had in store. The Origin, on paper, is much more of a simple specimen to the Hydra. Four lines, minimal bridling and a heavy delta shape, one pump - it looks your classic plug-and-play all-round fun kite. The bar is also nice, simple and clean. Narrow in diameter, it's got a light feel to it and has quite a chunky, easy-tofind and push away quick release above the chicken-loop.
The donkey dick is manoevrable and can be taken out of your hook and twisted to the side of the chicken-loop when you want to unhook. The trimming cleat is super simple, operating via a single line and has a nice webbing tab on the end and is easy to reach. On first set up, the wind was fairly light so we put the kite on the back line setting nearest the kite. Although the wind was quite light, it was also incredibly gusty but at the bar it felt like there was plenty of poke in the kite and got us going nicely. However, the issue we had was with the odd long arc that we sent the kite through, as it had a tendency to hesitate slightly at a certain point through the loop. The conditions were incredibly gusty, but we did find that the kite was much happier, more balanced and more fluid in feel when set up on a longer back line setting.
The Origin is nimble and pivotal. For waves this manoeuvrability is a lot of fun, allowing you to get the most out of your board riding, and the throw on the bar gives excellent depower and the power switches back on nicely as you sheet down again coming down the wave and shaping up for the next bottom turn. It should be noted that the throw is actually quite long on the Origin and you get a lot of power and depower from fairly small movements on the bar. For boosting the Origin definitely packs some beans. That delta shape really comes into its own and when you pull down on the bar, the boost and hang-time are really impressive. Relaunch is also pretty instant given the shape of the kite and with some trimming the Origin is happy to be ridden around unhooked all day long.
The Origin is a simple looking design in the popular, swept back leading edge, roll over relaunch arena that has become popular with first time buyers and wave riders alike. Loads of power, depower, rapid response and lift, the only drawback we found was the slight stickiness through the turn when you try to power the kite up too much on the shorter line setting.
Good unhooked and general throw around, playful characteristics from a kite with very impressive lift.
The loop is incredibly quick and the power band is short. Experienced loopers will look for more of a
lengthy tug.
SIZES: 15, 13, 9, 7 and 5m



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Added: 2011-04-27

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